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Viral Pic Of Two Birds Chilling In Their Hammocks Is A Total Mood

Amy Pilkington 15 Nov 2020

Can we just put political and personal beefs aside for a minute and agree that 2020 sucks?

There is literally enough variety of suck going around that regardless of your location, job, politics, religion, whatever, you've been hit by more than one of the year's many dumpster fires.

So yeah, we're all constantly on the hunt for those tiny moments of zen we need to get through another crisis.

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Or twelve crises all at once.

That zen could be a heartwarming story amongst the barrage of bad news. It could be a long bubble bath with noise-canceling headphones after a day of juggling both your own remote work and your kids' remote schooling.

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Or it could be pausing to appreciate a simple pic of two birds just chilling in hammocks.

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That right there is the perfect 2020 zen.

Their hammocks are even made with masks!

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Apparently, sleeping on their backs is pretty common for these particular birds.

Sun conures are known for this adorable habit, and considering that they're also known as energetic and vocal birds, it's not surprising that they take their rest very seriously.

The pic would probably have gotten a lot of love in any year, but in this particular moment, it was perfectly destined to go viral in the way it did.

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