People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Creative Christmas Tree Alternatives

Brittany Rae 17 Nov 2020

Do you love Christmas, but you're just not into the idea of a Christmas tree? Same.

See, for some of us who love DIY, the challenge of creating a Christmas tree is almost too good to pass up. So, without further ado, let's look at some trees that aren't trees at all.

Three words: succulent Christmas tree.

Reddit | VelociraptorMag

This sweet tree was made using fake succulents, don't worry! This is a great solution for people who a really short on space, and prefer the look of succulents to tree needles (like me).

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If you're into the idea of still having plants involved with your tree, allow me to offer you:

Reddit | TheShittyBeatles

This. Now, before you go, "Okay, it's just a tree with some flowers," consider: this is not a tree with flowers. This is a tree made entirely of preserved and dried flowers.

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Some people have opted for the edible option...kind of.

Reddit | JonnyKnipst

"My girlfriend loves Ferrero Rocher, so I made her a entiry Christmas Tree out of it. 128 Balls total."

This level of dedication should be applauded. My question is... can you still eat them?

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Others have gone the more artistic route.

Instagram | @cristin.curl.wellness

Get it? Because it's a ladder. I know, I know. Deep joke.

This tree is super great for those who love the farmhouse aesthetic... and don't have kids, or pets. My cat would go insane with those ornaments.

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Another artistic one: a hanging light-up tree!

This cute tree was done with actual sticks, some string lights, and carefully arranged ornaments. I absolutely love that they created a little color story here! It fits in perfectly with their decor.

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This macramé tree took a lot of work.

Reddit | krtx

It may have been hard to make, but it is ADORABLE. It was done using a pattern from Pelote et Compagnie on Etsy, which you can check out for yourself right here!

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THIS macramé tree blows minds.

Yup, those are actual presents on the wall. She perfectly imitated the fullness of the tree with hanging string, saving herself a lot of work. You gotta respect the hustle.

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Musicians have taken things in a different direction.

Reddit | RareGengar

Music and band nerds never change, do they? (I have a license to say that, I played the clarinet in elementary, junior high, and high school).

Never fear, these drums were donated to a high school band for this exact purpose!

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This is the most 2020 Christmas tree I've ever seen.

Reddit | NavdeepSinghThind

This was definitely made prior to 2020, because the tinsel isn't made out of toilet paper, and there aren't tiny masks for ornaments. But if you did want to make a pandemic Christmas tree, this is definitely the blueprint you need. You're welcome.

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Of course, we can't forget the classic:

Reddit | I_Am_Err00r

A book tree! A staple of book stores and bookworms alike, the book Christmas tree is an adorable alternative to a Christmas tree, and a great way to show off which books you love most (or least, if they're at the bottom.

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And, of course, we have to include my fave wine mom creation:

Reddit | theekellyd

A cork Christmas tree. The fun part of this idea is that you can slowly build it through the Christmas season! Or after one really good party — next year.

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