We're Applauding Companies That Have Stopped Retouching Their Models' Photos

Brittany Rae 17 Nov 2020

Well, it's about damn time!

In a world of Instagram, FaceTune, and other retouching apps, it's refreshing to see brands embrace reality. From beauty brands to clothing labels, these companies have chosen to show their models as they truly are — and it's great.

ModCloth set the standard for other retailers.

They pledged to not enhance, retouch, or in any way change the physical appearance of their models. Honestly, shoutout to them for that decision — seeing clothes on real people with real features makes shopping way easier.

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Aerie joined ModCloth in ditching Photoshop.

They were one of the first brands to actually allow their models to have "flaws," aka freckles, stretch marks, belly rolls, and other totally normal body things.

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Aerie has been on the "no retouching" train for years.

They helped kick off the trend back in 2014, and have stuck to the promise to not edit their models for 6 years now. I have no choice but to stan!

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Target stopped editing many of their swim images in 2017.

These days, they celebrate body inclusivity and don't touch what doesn't need editing! Look how happy those two are — there's absolutely nothing there that needs changing. And wow, the colors on those suits just POP on them!

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You can see the evidence on their website.


They keep putting their money where their mouths are! Target's entire swim area is full of images of un-retouched women wearing their cute af swimsuits! Oh Target, what can't you do?

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Olay stopped retouching their beauty ads.

Which almost seems like a no-brainer — how are we supposed to know what their products look like on our skin if we can't see the model's real skin?

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The lack of retouching helps sell their product.

Because you can truly see how effective it is! Their lotions and moisturizers shine on skin that actually looks like skin. When's the last time you saw actual texture on an eyelid?

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Dove has been a longtime supporter of not retouching images.

They're known for showing real, authentic women, after all! Dove continues to support women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and identities. And they won't retouch a single bit of them while they do it!

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CVS doesn't alter their models, either.

For their in-store and in-house brand, CVS committed to refraining from retouching their models. They have continued that journey to this day, and their models are all gorgeous!

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ASOS quietly stopped retouching their models.

Rather than announce it, they just went ahead and did it. In addition, they include the pronouns of their models in their Instagram captions — all the better to compliment them with!

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Fenty isn't afraid to let their brand reps shine.

They frequently repost un-retouched images from beauty enthusiasts who love their brand. They haven't entirely parted with Photoshop, but let's be real — it's Rihanna. It's only a matter of time before they drop it entirely! I trust her, guys.

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