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Police Conclude That 'Cougar' Sighting Was Actually House Cat After Investigation

No matter how worried we were when we made it, it can be pretty embarrassing to discover that the concern we alerted everyone about was a false alarm all along.

That can be true whether or not people can understand our panicked logic or not, but there is something to the phrase "It's better to be safe than sorry."

And indeed, those working in emergency services will often be pretty reassuring when somebody makes a mistaken report made in good faith. It's the pranksters and other malicious callers that become problematic enough to actually get laws made about them.

After all, when everyone thinks they're in danger only to discover they didn't have to worry, relief is likely to be the strongest feeling that comes up.

And hopefully, that's what residents of one western Canadian city felt after they found out the animal in their area was smaller than they thought.

On November 16, police in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan received reports of a cougar at the Wakamow Valley natural park inside the city.

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As the CBC reported, they were accompanied by local conservation officers as they conducted an extensive search of the area.

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However, not only did none of these officers come across a mountain lion but they didn't even find any evidence that one had been around.

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As CTV News Regina reported, neither police nor conservation officers came across any cougar tracks like the ones you see here in the area.

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In the interest of being thorough, police also conducted an aerial sweep around Wakamow Valley with a drone.

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However, this didn't yield any unusual results either so those responding to the situation were left to conclude that there was no cougar roaming around Moose Jaw.

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With that in mind, officers were left to believe that that cougar sighting was simply a house cat sighting.

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As CTV News Regina reported, police did spot such a cat after they arrived and it was the only animal in the area that even remotely resembled a mountain lion.

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However, learning what the last couple of months have been like for Moose Jaw residents makes it easier to understand how this mistake took place.

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As the CBC reported, a genuine cougar was spotted with a resident's door bell camera on September 21. The animal was later located and killed by a conservation officer.

Another possible sighting occurred on November 1, but this didn't result in any positive identification either.

It's hard not to wonder whether that incident also saw a house cat mistaken for a mountain lion but it remains a mystery.

h/t: CBC, CTV News Regina

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