Reddit Users Criticize Detailed Nanny Job Posting That Only Pays $13/Hour

Lex Gabrielle 18 Nov 2020

Many families who have young children look for a nanny to help out with raising their children. When you have two working parents, or a single parent, in a household, having some extra hands around can really help. Sometimes, the nanny helps by picking kids up from school and being around until the parents come home from work. Other times, they take the kids to activities and make snacks for them before dinner.

Regardless of the responsibilities, being a nanny is a lot of hard work.

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Taking care of someone else's child is not the easiest job in the world. In fact, it's quite difficult to care for another person's child.

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However, it so happens that some parents don't offer to pay nearly enough for the amount of work they ask of a nanny.

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My sister happens to be a full-time nanny, and sometimes when she interviews with families, the amount they are willing to pay is extremely low in comparison to what they expect of her to do on a daily basis.

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And, apparently, it's not uncommon.

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Recently, the Reddit community came across a listing for a nanny job that was low-balling the future employee immensely. According to the post, the parents were offering $13/hour.

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The requirements for the job in itself were pretty detailed.


The nanny would be responsible for a "wide range of domestic duties," and would be working long hours. There were two children, aged eight and 13, and the parents both travel a lot for work. So, the nanny would be there sometimes overnight as well.

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Now, getting down the responsibilities, there were quite a lot.


The nanny would be responsible for prepping kids for school every day and making the kid's meals. They also would drive kids to all of their activities and appointments. Also, they have to take care of household chores AND the family's pets!

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The nanny also has to do "errands" too.


From going to the bank and picking up packages, this nanny would basically be a "personal assistant" to the family. The family also wants a "hard-worker" with organization and management skills.

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Now, they also have expectations for education and experience.


The nanny must have a college degree, be 25-30 years of age, and have two years of experience as a nanny. Additionally, they want someone who is bilingual, involved with the arts and sports, and they have to know Microsoft Office.

With all of these responsibilities and requirements, they are only offering $13/hour.

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People on Reddit were floored that someone would actually post this ad seriously with such little pay.


One person said they didn't believe it was real until she saw someone else post something similar.

"I never thought these were real until I saw someone I know post that she needed someone to watch her kindergarten-age son while she was at work. She offered $40 a week for 6 hours a day five days a week," they said.

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One person who had experience in the field of professional nannies offered some context.

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"They're asking to hire a stay-at-home parent. In the nanny world, those roles are titled nanny-manager and are typically paid double the base rate for a starter nanny. (In my area, that's $15/hr for a starter nanny and $30/hr for a nanny-manager. More if you need specialized care like infant care, special needs care, etc.)," they said

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Others said they were paid way more for this kind of job with less responsibilities.

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"I was paying $20 an hour 15 years ago and the main rule was, 'don’t let them kill each other,'" one person said.

Another said it seems like this family wants a nanny to "adopt their kids" for $13 per hour.

What do you think? Was this job posting completely unrealistic and unfair?

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