'Moving' Tattoo Designs Change As People Bend Their Arms And Legs

Brittany Rae 20 Nov 2020

Okay, so these tattoos don't actually move — let's make that clear right off the bat. Instead, they have been placed in spots on people's bodies to give the illusion that they are moving when the person bends their arm or knee, for example. Thanks to some creative placement and designs, these tattoos will definitely blow some minds.

1. This coffee is endlessly pouring.

Instagram | @jasmyneengland

I LOVE how the stream moves along with the leg when it's bent! This is such a great idea for a tattoo. The detail is insane, too — you can see the drops splashing up inside the container.

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Veks Van Hillik Tattoo specializes in tattoos that transform as you move. This one reveals the bug's wingspan, allowing it to look as if it's in flight as you walk!

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3. I would totally get this one.

This one is an animal skull, but I would totally get a T-rex skull. How cool would it be to have a fossil on you that can open and close its mouth? Yes. I want it.

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4. Some moving tattoos keep it simple.

Threading one up your hand and your finger will give you the exact look you're going for. I can't imagine getting my fingers tattooed, though — that would hurt like hell.

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5. This jaw opens and closes!

Instagram | @knoteyetattoo

This awesome shark jaw opens and widens when the elbow moves! I love that it actually get scarier when the jaw is bent. That is a crazy cool optical illusion.

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6. This whale can swim!

Moving the arm makes the whale move as if it's in water. I absolutely love this idea, and that the flowers move with the whale as it swims!

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7. This lucky cat curls and I LOVE IT.

Instagram | @sherrylady93

Look at him go! It can actually curl up even farther, depending on how much the elbow is bent. This would be such a great tattoo to show off to people.

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8. This chain looks like it's swinging.

Instagram | @tattoosbydizzy

This one is CRAZY. As the leg moves, the chain bends and makes it look like the light is swinging. This is definitely one of the coolest ones I've ever seen.

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9. This palm leaf was actually drawn freehand.

Instagram | @rooshi.berlin

A lot of moving tattoos have to be drawn freehand to allow the tattoo artist to see how it'll move before they start inking. This palm leaf is so realistic looking!

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10. This li'l bug is going places.

Instagram | @iporkedittattoo

The tattoo is called "inching to freedom" and it is easy to see why! This thing reminds me of the worm from A Bug's Life, so I love it with my whole heart.

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11. This is a pear twig.

Instagram | @karen.nine.fingers

The thing I love about tattoos is that you often have no idea why someone has what they do on their body. Do I know why this person wanted a pear twig? No. Do I love it and respect the art? Yes!

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12. This fin flips!

Instagram | @malikasticht

How cool is this? It was designed so that the whale tail flipped and "splashed" as its owner does push-ups. As someone who needs incentive to do push-ups, I gotta say: this would be a good one.

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13. Okay, good to know that I'm a genius.

Instagram | @andgy_sloan

Remember earlier, when I said I would get a fossil/skull tattoo if it was a T-rex? Turns out, that already exists. I would do mine on my hand to allow for better flexing, but I respect this.

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14. People actually love using bugs for their moving tattoos.

Instagram | @manu_vdtr

Since insects are so fluid in their movements, it makes sense that people would use them as reveal tattoos. This little bumblebee opens and becomes its favorite flower!

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