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Little Girl Obsessed With 'Toy Story' Inspires Artist To Paint Magical Recreation

Amy Pilkington 21 Nov 2020

The internet and social media networks are getting a lot of flack lately over how they can spread false narratives and divide people. All of that is very much an issue that needs to be addressed, but whenever I see someone argue that nothing good has come from the internet, I feel sad.

It's just such a black and white way to look at it. The internet isn't an appliance you toss away when you realize it sucks. The internet is a community — and with that comes the bad and the good.

So here's a story of the global internet community doing good — in this case, on Reddit.

Reddit | finestjun

The subreddit r/aww is usually home to cute animals, but occasionally something a little different touches the hearts of the community.

This one was a post by Redditor finestjun, sharing a photo of her niece peeking into her room with the caption:

"Ever since my niece saw Toy Story, she shouts 'I’m leaving!' and then peeks at her room like this."

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Say it with me now: aww!


Besides upvoting the bejeezus out of the post and showering it with Reddit awards, some people thought it would make a lovely painting.

Someone tagged user ofcabbagesandkings14, who is an artist named Sarah Brown.

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Soon after, there was a new post on r/aww revealing the results of her work.

"Hey everyone! Reddit asked me to recreate the little girl looking for her toys to come to life as a painting. So I stayed up last night...and here it is."

And it is the sweetest thing ever!

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Of course, people started tagging finestjun to let her know the painting of her niece existed and she was thrilled.


"Oh my god, this is the cutest drawing ever! I can’t wait to show this to her family!" she said, "She’s been really into Toy Story lately and I just couldn’t resist sharing this pic with everybody. She’ll be delighted to hear that she made lotta internet strangers happy :) Thank you so much for making my day!"

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Now that they were in contact, there was only one next step: Sarah got the address and sent the original artwork to the family.

Now that's the sort of wholesome internet community story I love!

Plus, I was introduced to a new artist to follow on Instagram too! If you'd like to see more of Sarah's work, she can be found @willowandroxas and she even has an Etsy shop for prints and commissions!

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