Quotes For When You're Dead Center In Middle Age

Amy Pilkington 21 Nov 2020

I'm not quite at the "middle-aged" mark yet, but I'm definitely feeling the slow crawl towards that inevitable milestone creeping up on me.

I thought that when Snapchat came out, it just wasn't for me, but another new social media network might come along that would be.

Nope. Turns out I'm just too old and set in my ways, because TikTok is bloody baffling to me.

Maybe it's the video thing? I just don't understand the appeal of having to watch videos of people instead of reading their thoughts.

Especially if having the sound on is required to appreciate the post.

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Considering how popular Snapchat and now TikTok are, I think I'm doomed to be stuck in ye olden days of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Photos and text, people! That's where it's at.

Instead of delving into the wide world of modern internet communities, maybe I'll turn my attention to an area of technology and gadgets that's new to me.

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Like The Clapper or those wall-mounted staircase lifts.

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Clearly, the only new tech I'm up for these days is the kind that helps old people navigate the world.

So bring on the specialty cell phones with giant buttons. As long as I can check the Facebook, I'll be happy.

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