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Throw Pillows That Look Like Mushrooms Are Growing Out Of Them Have The Internet Divided

These are definitely for those with very specific taste. While some think that these mushroom pillows are cool and creative, others are a bit on the fence.

One thing that most people can agree on is that these pillows are positively sporing when it comes to uniqueness.

We've never seen anything like these pillows, and honestly we're pretty impressed with how bold and inventive people have approached making them.

Look like we're growing to love these pillows.

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These pillows have been popping up all over Etsy and they're pretty darn cute.

Etsy stores like Fungimaa have introduced an entirely new theme of home decor that may not be for everyone, but definitely for some.

Artist Suvi-Tuuli Junttila is the owner of Fungimma and she prides herself on providing people with quality handmade pillows featuring plenty of mushrooms on top.

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It may be important to learn how to have healthy mushroom pillows.

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While these mushrooms are cute, they sometimes end up drooping and it's not quite as fun to have your mushrooms look withered.

Some of the mushroom attachments are a bit top heavy and once they're even slightly pushed down, they have a bit of trouble staying upright again. But Fungimaa assures her customers that the mushrooms are re-shapeable.

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Sometimes you can find themed ones, like this spooky cutie!

Toysfromtanyushka | Etsy

Etsy stores such as Toysfromtanyushka offer themed mushroom pillows. That store in particular is responsible for coming up with the creepy-crawly cushion you see above!

These shops can get pretty fun and creative, and are perfect for those shoppers who aren't weirded out by fungi.

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However, not everyone is thrilled about a little something growing on their pillow, even if it's just a cushion.


One person on Twitter called the cushions "nasty" while someone else chimed in that they "creep [them] out."

But among those few negative comments are plenty of positive ones from people demanding to know how they can get their hands on their very own mushroom pillow, or as one person cleverly pointed out, a "cushroom."

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This could be the start of something magical.

Maybe it'd be perfect for your enchanted forest theme, or maybe you want one simply because you just really like mushrooms. Really, there are countless amazing ideas for how to incorporate these pillows into your home decor, and the possibilities are limitless.

If you're interested in any of the specific pillows we looked at today, make sure to check out Fungimaa's Etsy shop, and drop on by Toysfromtanyushka's while you're at it, too!

And in the meantime, make sure to let us know in the comments what you think of these unusual mushroom pillows. Are these a "yay" or a big old "nay"?

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