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These Disney Holiday Dessert Boards Have Us Feeling Merry And Bright

We've always been fans of charcuterie boards, but never thought they could be quite as magical as these Disney holiday boards.

These Disney boards are inspiring us to make the jolliest charcuterie boards of all, and we didn't even have to wish upon a star to see these delicious dreams come true.

Looking at all the colors is like a fireworks show.

While we're still sad about Disney parks being closed for the holidays during the pandemic, Ginny Phillips, the mastermind behind the Making Main Street Instagram page, partnered with the official Disney Parks Blog and has has given us the next best thing.

Phillips is known for some of the cutest Disney themed DIY creations and these Disney holiday charcuterie boards make for one true magic morning.

Using a Mickey Mouse waffle iron, Phillips was able to adorn the waffles with an assortment of breakfast toppings and goodies.

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We can't wait to enjoy these Disney charcuterie boards all holiday long.

From sweet to savory, there are flavors from all over Disneyland that you can add to these boards.

People have taken to Instagram and Pinterest to share their Disney inspired charcuterie boards. Even if you don't have a Mickey Waffle iron, there are molds of all kinds that offer the iconic mouse shape we all know and love.

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Make yours with the fam.

These Disney holiday charcuterie boards are especially fun to make with the family. Extra points if you can find Disney-shaped toppings to go one top.

For those feeling especially ambitious, it sounds pretty fun to make one for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don't forget about dessert!

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You'll swear you're at Disneyland.

Why have a great charcuterie board when you can have an extraordinary one?

Turn on your favorite Disney tunes and put up all of your holiday decor as you and your loved ones make your own Disney holiday charcuterie board.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these Disney holiday charcuterie boards and if you think you might make a few for a truly magical holiday season.

h/t: Instagram | @making.main.street

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