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15+ Wild Things That Happened By Complete Accident

We all know that accidents happen but some of them are a lot easier to expect than others.

That knowledge forms the foundation for why there are so many common ways to childproof a house and it also explains why I'm so obsessive about moving glasses when they seem too close to the edge of a table.

But of course, there are certain things we're never going to see coming. And we can come to discover that not all of them are bad, exactly. Some are just so bizarre that we have to get them on camera and others are actually pleasant surprises.

And what we're about to see runs the gamut between all of these possibilities.

1. As you might notice, this glove has a slight manufacturing defect.

Reddit | koopzegels

It comes with an extra finger that was attached in the same fashion as the rest around it.

And while that may be handy for someone with polydactyly, it wasn't particularly useful for this person.

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2. While pulling into their respective driveways, these neighbors made their stomping grounds a little lovelier.

Reddit | Yeetmeister0812

Not only did they accidentally make two heart shapes but those hearts are interconnected like they're the design of somebody's locket.

It would be pretty ironic if these two don't even like each other.

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3. The aftermath of an ice storm really makes it look like this car has two sets of windows.

Reddit | LukeLamano

Of course, that has a lot to do with the fact that the ice sheet makes it look like the window has the same texture but it's still kind of trippy to look at.

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4. It's a little hard to tell from just one of these pictures but this tree caught a wood plank while the uploader tried to toss it on a trash pile.

Reddit | DontSassMeBerkus

Even more improbably, it seemed that this only happened because a small branch happened to catch on the plank's splinter.

Even if they tried to do that, it probably wouldn't work out this well.

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5. I've definitely had problems resolve themselves right after I sought out help for them but this takes that phenomenon to a whole new level.

Reddit | kmellz04

And as I look at this image closely, I can confirm that this person isn't exaggerating. These cats really are identical so we can't fault that neighbor for thinking he found the missing one.

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6. When the street lights shine through this fence, they make an interesting pattern on the ground.

Reddit | RidgeRumpuss

This plaid look seems like it belongs on a set of very comfortable pajamas but we're seeing it here.

While it's not impossible that somebody designed it with this effect in mind, it doesn't seem likely.

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7. Despite how it looks, nobody put these clam shells in this tree.

Reddit | IDpotatertot

It's just that the tide in this area apparently gets high enough that it's not unusual for them to get stuck like this.

It's definitely a point of interest if you're building a collection of them.

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8. It's not just that competing shipping companies had to drive next to each other at just the right time to make this happen.

Reddit | Yukamoo

No, for them to spell out Taylor Swift's name like this, they had to appear in exactly the positions we see here.

And really, there was nothing necessarily stopping the "Taylor" truck from taking the right lane that day and messing up the whole effect.

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9. As someone who owns a Roomba, I can attest that the convenience they bring comes with its share of headaches.

Reddit | luciddr34m3r

But as annoyed as I get whenever Pig Pen gets stuck under the couch or fails to recognize its own charger, at least it's never rammed the one tiny spot in the wall that lets it turn itself off.

In fact, I'm pretty sure it doesn't even have a switch there and this photo does a good job of explaining why.

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10. This "ice knife" seems like a neat (if temporary) craft but it just happened to turn out this way.

Reddit | radcxr678

When we make ice cubes, we can often find that more ice gathers on our tray than we really need. In this case, that leftover ice ended up in this shape.

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11. Finding a fossil is already a pretty lucky prospect when it doesn't have another fossil attached to it.

Reddit | Westcoastwonderland

But as we can see, whoever discovered this ancient scallop also discovered the ancient barnacles that hitched themselves to it and never let go after so many years.

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12. This kid didn't take a working lightsaber with him on this horse ride but it certainly looks like he did.

Reddit | rastroboy

Instead, a support beam and the sunlight outside just happened to line up with the way he positioned his hand in this picture.

Pretty cool!

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13. Although we can see that this stray bullet caused some damage, this was actually a very lucky scenario.

Reddit | themuffdoctor

Because rather than punch through this window and put someone at potentially fatal risk, it somehow managed to get stuck between these two panes of glass.

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14. The uploader called the candles on their menorah "pretty much a perfect representation of 2020" and it's hard to argue with them.

Reddit | stephorama

Apparently, at least one of them melted into the inside of the box, which made the rest of them turn out pretty wonky as well.

I wouldn't leave that unattended.

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15. This has to be one of the dustiest pieces of cardboard I've ever seen.

Reddit | TheAtomak

Because it turns out that all the uploader had to do to create this perfect imprint of their jeans was sit on it once.

We can even see the stitching on the pockets.

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16. They're pretty hard to recognize here but we're seeing sparks fall as an elevated train passed along this section of the tracks.

Reddit | nylapsetime

I've never seen them look so strand-like and I think we can put that appearance down to the perfect timing of this photo.

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17. Last month, this woman figured she lost her wedding ring and went to buy a new one.

Reddit | StillwaterLodge

However, she eventually learned that it was in the house all along as it got stuck the last time she put her finger in this bottle of nail polish remover.

That's definitely not the first place most of us would've looked.

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18. Despite how it must seem, this wasn't painted like this.

Reddit | laaaabe

In fact, we're just looking at the lid of a propane tank that was once painted a solid blue. However, that paint chipped in just the right way to make this look like a globe.

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19. When this golfer dropped their ball, they suddenly found themselves unable to find it.

Reddit | 6ix_four

Although they had to have known it couldn't have gotten far, I doubt they would've expected it to drop and then snugly fit into the lanyard dangling from their pocket.

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20. Apparently, this is what happens when you put a leather glove in a washing machine.

Reddit | besteella

The uploader's grandmother found that out the hard way but it's hard to deny that there's something fascinating about how it looks now.

It almost looks like it should fit an alien.

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