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Pepsi's New 'Cocoa-Cola' Flavor Is A Carbonated Nod At Our Favorite Holiday Drink

Most of us don't exactly consider Pepsi to be a Christmas drink brand, but then again, not many people were expecting the new Cocoa-Cola flavor to hit the shelves this season.

That's right, the seemingly odd combination of Pepsi and hot chocolate flavors may very well be a match made in heaven.

These Cocoa Colas are cold like winter, but also pretty hot.

It may be hard to imagine Pepsi with a wintery taste, but we're also dying to give it a try.

Apparently, Pepsi suggests that there's no sweeter way to say goodbye to 2020, and we think they may be right.

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They've got the marshmallow and chocolatey flavors that fizz.

These Pepsi cocoa drinks are available for a limited time, so they may not be around for long.

After Pepsi tweeted the idea for these drinks, and added they would only be made if they reached 2,021 retweets, an influx of social media attention started this unusual yet festive miracle.

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It's time to snuggle up with a cozy can of Cocoa-Cola.

It makes sense for this odd new combo to arrive in 2020, considering how weird this year has been.

Since most of us feel like this year doesn't make sense, we might as well try a drink that may not make sense either.

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We may be drinking these all season long.

There's no official announcement on when they'll be released, but we're thinking it will happen pretty soon. After seeing their tweet blow up, Pepsi followed-up that up with another tweet confirming we'll be seeing this flavor sometime in 2021.

Until then, we'll have to settle for regular Pepsi or regular hot cocoa, or a combo of the two, just to get us ready.

Let us know what you think of these cocoa-colas and if you plan to try one out!

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