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People Are Making 'Schitt's Creek' Gingerbread Houses That Are Too Perfect To Eat

Amy Pilkington 19 Dec 2020

Can I admit to something upfront here? I haven't finished the entirety of Schitt's Creek yet.

I know, I know, it's amazing, but 2020 has been a bummer and saying goodbye to a heartfelt, happy place of a show seemed like one too many things to be sad about.

However, I am starting to think it's time to finally take that step and these holiday odes to the Rose family are definitely inspiring me.

Who wants a boring, classic gingerbread house when you can have the Rosebud Motel?

No one, I tell you.

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Admittedly, I prefer my holiday ginger treats in the chewy, molasses cookie form, but that doesn't mean making a gingerbread house isn't fun.

And I love looking at the different materials and techniques people use to create the same subject matter.

The wafer cookie siding on this rustic version is really clever.

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Look at all the tiny doors lined up on this version of the motel!

Adorable! The billboard is a delightful touch too, and I love the signage and brick details.

These are making me want to both bake and binge-watch the rest of the show.

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This person is just raising the bar for everyone with a whole village of gingerbread.

Look at the little veterinarian clinic and Rose Apothecary!

Yep, I'm definitely going to dive into my holiday break with a very Schitt's Creek to-do list now. Gingerbread houses and final season, here I come!

Plus, Netflix just added the first few seasons of The Great Canadian Baking Show and Dan Levy hosts the first two seasons. Perfect baking accompaniment to stay on theme!

h/t: Pop Sugar

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