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Exhausted Parents Send Delightful Letter To Neighbors To Warn About Sleep Training

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Being a parent with a newborn is tough. You're exhausted, the baby never seems to stop crying-eating-puking-pooping, everything you own smells like diapers and spit-up, and those blessed nap times become a mad dash to get as much done as possible, as quietly as possible.

You reach a point where you're barely functioning as a human, let alone as the caregiver for a helpless baby.

Getting the baby to finally sleep through the night is cause for celebration.

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And any regression in that good sleep habit is devastating.

If you live in an apartment with thin walls, you have the added stress of constantly worrying about what the neighbors think.

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Twitter user @KittyBeeJr shared how one couple in her building decided to handle that.

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The Wards in Apartment 207 left notes for all their neighbors explaining that their four-month-old son had regressed and, at their wits' end, they were going to attempt the "Cry-It-Out" method.

"If you hear the cries please pray for me and know that I am also crying and going insane," the note says.

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The Cry-It-Out method, or extinction method, basically means you put the baby in their crib and let them cry themselves to sleep.

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The method is hard, but it can train babies to soothe themselves instead of always relying on others, and train parents to not jump to attention at the slightest hint of fussiness.

The neighbors' note indicates that they intend to do a less harsh form that involves returning to the nursery every five minutes or so to let the baby know they're close, but without any other help soothing.

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The note ends with an offer of "cheap tequila" shots to calm the nerves if the crying gets to anyone.

It's always great to see new parents keeping their sense of humor intact through the process.

As for @KittyBeJr, she decided to bake them some cookies to help get through the next few days of tears.

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