Mom Upcycles Son's Braces Into Christmas Ornament Because 'We Paid $6K For Those'

From watching the TLC show about extreme couponers, to trying to make a quick penny from a garage sale, frugality has never gone out of style.

One mom decided to take it to the next level when she turned her son's braces into a Christmas ornament because they were too expensive to just get rid of.

We definitely have to give her points for creativity.

This story is giving us something to smile about.

Austin is a TikToke user with one very popular story involving his adolescent braces and his mom.

In a recent video he recalled that when he had his braces removed as a teen, his orthodontist was about to simply throw them away. But his mother decided to go a different route.

Being the craft mom that she was, she knew exactly what to do with those braces.

This truly is an ornament unlike any other.

When the orthodontist wanted to throw the braces away, Austin's mom said, "ummm no."

When questioned by her rightfully embarassed and confused son, she insisted, "We paid $6,000 for those," and added that she wasn't about to just let the orthodonist throw the expensive hardware away.

And that's how Austin ended up with a Christmas ornament made from his very own braces on the tree every year.

The verdict is in: people are very "team mom" on this one.

TikTok l austin9943

Austin's video quickly went viral and people are pretty pumped about this mom's creativity.

One commenter wrote, "Your mom is epic. Maybe a little coocoo, but still epic.”

We can't help but to agree with the epic part, because we've never seen something like this before.

We think we have our new holiday tradition.

This may be the new solution for what to do with old braces and the desire for a new and interesting Christmas ornament. All in all, it's looking like a win-win situation.

Who said braces weren't cool? We certainly didn't have enough time to brace ourselves for awesome idea Austin's mom had in mind for them, that's for sure.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this ornament made out of very expensive braces.