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Tsunami Cakes Are Melting And Oozing Their Way Right Into Our Hearts

We're all used to expecting cake on our birthdays, but not all cakes are made the same.

In fact, we'd say that these Tsunami cakes are an explosion of epic birthday magic unlike anything we've seen before.

Forget a basic cake, it's time to grab your surf board and take on these delicious waves.

We're ready to spend our coin on the tastiest Christmas gifts of the season.

We may have to make it rain to get our hands on these Santa Tsunami cakes.

These cakes have been going viral all year. They've been nicknamed "pull me up cakes," which gives everyone a good clue about what dessert eaters can expect.

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These cakes come in everyone's favorite flavors.

The TikTok page, dessert.hound is serving up the most exciting cakes just in time for holiday season, and we didn't even have to put them on our letters to Santa.

Tsunami cakes are also popping up several other places and they've been a burst of fun.

The best part is, they come in both traditional flavors and unique flavor combos.

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We want to take these cakes home immediately.

Last month, Insider showed off the amazing work of baker Nayane Capistrano's Tsunami cakes. These yummy treats were created from this baker's creative vision, and we are grateful.

She creates structured cake dough and then decides which flavor matches the theme, finally, she covers the cake with the extra special coating before baking.

Then, she adds the wrapping that holds it all together, so that we can let it all loose when we get our cakes.

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Hopefully, one day, these cakes will arrive in stores.

The only thing left to do now is to figure out which cake or cakes look the tastiest.

Unfortunately, Capistrano doesn't sell the Tsunami cakes. She makes them for fun. However, keep your eyes peeled for these cakes to go on sale elsewhere, or even try making your own.

Let us know what you think of these Tsunami cakes in the comments and if you're trying to dive into these gnarly waves of frosting.

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