These Flip Lid Jars Are Like Pickle Hourglasses That Give You Easy Gherkin Access

Pickle lovers rejoice, because it's time to use these Flip Lid Jars that are perfect for storing pickles and other jarred treats.

These jars keep goodies fresh and ready to enjoy. The best part is that pickles can go from being seasoned to being stored with one quick and simple flip of the jar.

We can't wait to enjoy these and store our snacks all year long.

These jars have us flipping out.

Miles Kimball

With a quick flip of the jar, pickles can go from marinating in their savory juices to being perfectly strained and ready for crunching.

Their airtight lids prevent spilling and make the flipping process work successfully.

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Each jar makes things look pretty fresh.

Miles Kimball

Think of these like hour glasses, except for when all of the juice goes to one side, time isn't up. It means pickle eating time is just getting started.

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There's no reason to stop with pickles.

Miles Kimball

These jars work great with olives, jalapeños and, of course, pickles.

They're made of plastic and it's best to hand wash them, as they may melt in the dishwasher.

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Flip Lid Jars are the future.

Giphy | Dietz & Watson

These nifty jars are available at select Walmart stores and on the Miles Kimball website for around $8.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these jars and if you plan to pick one or a dozen up for all of your marinating needs.

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