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Artist 'Illuminates' Tattoos With Neon Lights To Create Mesmerizing Works Of Art

Neon lights have become increasingly popular over the years for their bright glowing colors and their well-known retro signs.

However, it seems like something out of a science fiction movie for animated neon lights to appear on actual people. However, one artist has moved imagination into reality.

Or at least, it certainly looks that way.

We're simply glowing with joy.

Tattoo artists have already been using a gradient of colors for their own neon colored tattoo creations, but at only 18-years-old, Maxim Sipakov is making entire neon tattoo animations.

Located in Russia, Sipakov has traveled around the world sharing his epic skills with other tattoo artists.

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These are the tattoos of the future.

If you're getting Tron Legacy vibes, you're not alone. These have us ready for a high tech adventure.

As Inked Mag reported, Sipakov started with animating soccer videos, but quickly discovered that he had a talent for animating tattoos, and the rest is history.

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Each tattoo is stunning.

Sipakov uses his expert computer and animation skills to make it appear like the tattoos are illuminated with brilliant neon lights. Paired with the movement of the canvas as they show off their new ink, the effect is absolutely stunning.

Any other tattoo places seem like they may be a bummer after seeing these out-of-this-world animations.

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We can't wait until these tattoos are available everywhere.

For the time being, these animated tattoo masterpieces are simply the result of some clever computer wizardry, so sadly we aren't able to run out to our local tattoo shop and request one for ourselves.

But hopefully one day every tattoo artist will somehow be able offer them, and then we can all be futurist and cool.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these amazing tattoos and if you'd ever get one, should they become a real thing! And make sure to check out Spikakov's official Instagram page.

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