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Don't Panic! Betty White, 98, Is Staying Safe And Keeping Busy In Quarantine

Rae Batchelor 31 Dec 2020

If you're like me, there's one been one big, huge, absolutely gigantic worry going through your head during this entire pandemic. Sure, I'm worried about my health, and the health of my loved ones, and the state of the world, but most of all, I'm worried about Betty White.

She's a national treasure, but she's literally older than sliced bread, so I have every reason to be concerned for her!

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Betty White is one of the best humans alive.


This isn't a controversial opinion, this is pretty much a fact! She's sweet, she's charming, she's kind, she's hilarious — not many people are all of these things, let along all of these things and a talented actress who's been delighting us for decades!

If you've been worried about her health during this pandemic, there's no need — she's doing great!

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“Betty is in good health and spirits,” her rep confirmed to Us Weekly.

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They added that Betty “would like to interact with her friends but does not” because of COVID regulations.

Finally, I have something more in common with Betty White than just our love for a naughty joke and a bold lipstick!

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“Crossword puzzles are no match for Betty," her rep said.

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“She reads a number of newspapers, watches select television and gets a lot of exercise in her home walking up and down bedroom stairs," they went on.

The image of Betty White doing a crossword is just too cute. I'm going to need to take the rest of the day off work just to process this. I'm sure my boss won't mind.

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I'm so glad to hear Betty's safe and sound!

Instagram | @bettymwhite

This awful year has taken a lot from us, but there's no way it's taking Betty White without all of us putting up a major fight!

h/t: Us Weekly

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