People Are Making Special Charcuterie Boards For Their Dogs Called 'Barkuterie'

Most of us know that many people enjoy a beautiful and tasty charcuterie board, but seldom imagine they'd be appropriate for dogs.

However, to much surprise, there are actually adorable charcuterie boards made just for our favorite puppers called "barkuterie boards".

We have a sneaking suspicion that these colorful assortments will have every dog drooling over their boards of delectable doggie treats.

These barkuterie boards are something to bark for.

These cute platters have been showing up all over social media. After all, dogs shouldn't have to miss out on the fun of charcuterie.

Like most charcuterie boards, these have a variety of tasty foods to choose from and there's even a combination of sweet and savory.

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Barkuteries are quite the spreads.

From meats to doggie treats, and even some healthy veggies, these boards have it all.

Some dogs like their barkuterie with eggs, others like a good bone, and some just want it all.

Now, that's something to howl in excitement about.

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Dogs like to be wined and dined sometimes too.

These barkuterie boards are usually saved to celebrate a pup's birthday or one uniquely special occasion.

This is because these are a lot of treats at once for a dog and would not be appropriate for every day, or even weekly use, so be careful.

Once you're ready to get started, all you'll need is a cute dog, a spacious plate and to know their favorite snacks for the spread.

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Get ready to get all of the cutest thank you kisses.


There's no doubt your furry best friend will be wagging their tail when they see their own specially made barkuterie board.

After you've double checked that your snacks are healthy enough, free of foods that are not dog-friendly, and of course that your pupper is nice and hungry, it's time to make your little or not-so-little one's day.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these barkuterie boards and if you plan to make one or many for your dog.

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