Step Aside, Hot Chocolate Bombs — These Stunning 'Tea Bombs' Are Taking Over

While hot chocolate bombs were definitely a hit, it's time to start instantly doting over these amazing tea bombs.

Not only are they rich and flavorful, they're also beautiful. We're not sure when tea started being made with magical little orbs of deliciousness, but we are definitely on board.

These tea bombs are an explosion of flavor.

Hot chocolate bombs were such a spectacular idea that people decided to see how creative they could get with other hot drinks.

Christmas may be over, but the desire for a cozy cup of tea is forever.

Looking like candy, these tea bombs are sweet with a transparent shell made of the sugar substitute Isomalt.

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We're pretty sure some of these tea bombs belong in museums.

TikTok l @jackycorleto4

Unlike some hot chocolate bombs, making tea bombs is pretty easy.

The isomalt is what gives them their glass-like shells, food coloring determines the color, and, of course, you'll need a sphere-shaped silicone mold for the shape.

After that, grab your favorite tea flavor. Some people, like TikTok user @jackycorleto4, have already mastered the art of making these, and her tea bombs are almost too stunning to melt.

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They are also sold pre-made.

Not everyone feels the same ambition to make their tea bombs, but most of us can't resist the urge to indulge in their exquisite aromas and flavors.

Luckily, these tea bombs have been popping up in select stores, which makes the tea all the more smoother to enjoy.

They can be purchased online through Etsy, Amazon, and more.

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It's time to start your tea bomb collection.

We're pretty sure it's safe to say that these tea bombs could become very addictive.

Whether it's just appreciating their stunning colors or drinking tea morning, noon and night, there are lots of tea time memories to be made.

Let us know what you think of these glistening tea bombs in the comments and if you think you'll make or buy some for a cup of tea like no other.

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