This Viral Tortilla Folding Hack Will Change Your Wrap Game Forever

Whether the new year has you wanting to get your diet going or you simply enjoy a delicious wrap, this may very well be just the folding hack for you.

Now that most of us are cooking and woking at home, convenient meal ideas are becoming vital to time management and being able to enjoy some of our favorite wrap recipes.

This hack is about to make things a lot easier and melt in your mouth delicious.

This is one food hack that's layered with creativity.

The TikTok account @alphafoodie has blown the minds of many viewers with her simple, yet brilliant tortilla folding hack.

Her name is Samira Kazan and she's passionate about making innovative and engaging food videos.

She's kind of been the queen of pandemic food hacks, and we've been rejoicing.

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Others are definitely following in Kazan's footsteps.

To execute this incredible hack yourself, all you need to do is divide your ingredients up into their own individual quadrants on your tortilla, and make a slit running halfway up the wrap.

Then simply fold each section into a triangle, and stick your tasty snack into a sandwich press to get it nice and golden brown!

Not only is this technique great for wraps, it's also another go-to hack for making thick and crunchy quesadillas. People have truly been catching on to this trend and seeing what they can make themselves.

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Don't be afraid to mix things up.

This hack isn't just great for savory wraps, it's also pretty sweet with sugary ingredients.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, it may be time to grab your nutella and bananas, because it's a wrap.

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The kids will love these too.

Many kids are picky eaters, and even some adults are, so it's great to know that there can be goodies for the whole family that can be used to fill these tortillas.

It's time to get folding, before you know it, you'll have a few batches of these bad boys.

Let us know in the comments and if you're planning to use this hack for your own fun and tasty tortilla wraps.

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