Parenting Quotes To Show People Who Say They Want To Have Kids Someday

While we love definitely love our little ones, we certainly don't love all of the germs and random objects that they enjoy touching and picking up.

Having a toddler isn't as easy as people think, so we've gathered some quotes that embody the, let's say, very unique experience it is to have one.

It's not all roses and daisies, something it's having your toddler put random dirty objects in their mouths or licking the ground.

1. Cleaning is kind of a lost cause.

Many parents feel embarrassed, and even guilty in some cases, about their houses being a mess.

However, when it comes to toddlers, it's almost impossible to clean after them when they're running from room to room like a little hurricane.

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2. There are times when it feels as if there will never be enough baby wipes in the world.

Let's face it, there's basically no stopping a toddler from touching something their not supposed to, let alone putting it in their mouths.

Parenting is definitely not a Hallmark card when the baby wipes are basically in charge of erasing some very unfathomable messes.

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3. In a blink of an eye, toddlers could have anything and everything in their mouths.

There's no telling what's exactly so appetizing about random dirty things on the ground or on the table, or seemingly out of thin air, but toddlers always find them, and put them in their mouths.

They know they aren't supposed to, but that seems to be part of their mischievous little missions.

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4. Toddlers love pushing our buttons.

Almost like the forbidden treasure in an Indiana Jones movie, toddlers can't resist the urge to play with things that they're not supposed to.

They have no idea what they're actually doing, but still giggle as they unknowingly delete all of your phone contacts.

We care deeply for our little ones, but sometimes some cathartic quotes are needed to get real about the frustrations and hilarity of raising a toddler.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if they resonate with your toddler parenting experience.

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