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Crafty Dad Builds Daughter A Miniature IHOP Restaurant For Her Barbie Dolls

We can't think of anyone that doesn't enjoy a good stack of pancakes.

In fact, even Barbie and her crew deserves to enjoy a delicious short stack at IHOP every now and then, just like the next person.

One crafty dad decided that his daughter's Barbie dolls needed a new go-to brunch spot, so he built them a miniature IHOP restaurant that's pretty epic.

The attention to detail is exceptional.

Reddit | ccc2276

This dad took to Reddit to share his masterpiece with audiences.

He utilized his creative skills to make a realistic miniature IHOP as a gift for his daughter.

He explained, "I was going to make something for her, and asked what she wanted. . She said IHOP so I had to hold up on my Dad promise!"

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This is one tasty DIY project.


Believe it or not, this was only this dad's first try at building something like this, and it looks absolutely amazing! Built from scrap wood and contact paper from Goodwill, it also seems to be a very affordable project as well.

Yet, this dad wasn't quite sure he could pull it off:

"She asked if I could make her a Barbie IHOP and I said yes before I even knew if I could lol. Total Dad challenge. She has given me a list of further requests lol."

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Reddit commenters are doting over this dad's creation.

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With indoor dining closed during the pandemic, some people are probably a bit envious of these Barbies and their private IHOP connection.

Reddit users have praised this dad's handiwork, writing, "That work is impeccable!" and "Way to go! It looks incredible!"

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It looks like it's time for Barbie to have her own town.

Reddit | ccc2276

Reddit commenters have even made suggestions for what this dad should make next. Some have even provided some possible previews, saying, "Wait 'til she asks for IKEA."

Let us know what you think of this dad's IHOP creation for his daughter's Barbie dolls to enjoy a mean private breakfast.

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