Upcycle Old Golf Balls Into Adorable Critters For Your Garden

People don't usually think of golf balls outside of the confines of golf carts, putting, and having a relaxing day on the course.

However, golf balls can become an unexpectedly adorable DIY opportunity that will be addictive for any creative who loves an unconventional project.

People are turning old golf balls into various bugs to decorate their gardens and homes, and we can't get enough.

No one is going to want to send these little ones flying.

ArtDrops-Tatjana via BlogSpot

These little critters are so cute, it's hard to remember that they're golf balls.

It's pretty fun and simple. First, grab a few old or new golf balls and get to painting.

The whiteness of the golf balls makes for a great empty canvas for your imagination to truly run — or even scurry — freely.

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The ladybugs are a real hit.

With their vivid colors and life, these golf ball bugs make any garden space pop.

People have taken to painting them as ladybugs, probably because of their cute yet visually stunning qualities.

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We'll probably never look at golf balls the same now.

Unsplash | Martin Magnemyr

For those who aren't golfing fans, golf balls may not exactly be anything appealing.

However, this painting project is perfect for a wide variety of people, especially kids.

Whether you make it a contest to see who can make the prettiest one, or a leisurely DIY activity during stay-at-home days, there's something fun in it for everyone.

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Don't be afraid to get creative.

Just like any canvas, the possibilities for decorating these golf balls are endless.

It may be time to get a few golf balls for a wonderful paint night alone or with loved ones.

Let us know what you think of these golf ball bugs and if you plan to try making your own at home.

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