These Realistic Needle Felted Pet Portraits Have Us Doing A Double-Take

Most of us are guilty of taking about a million pictures of our beloved furry friends to try to capture every single second of utter adorableness.

However, there aren't many of us that can compete with these unbelievably realistic felted pet portraits that make pets look like they're about to leap out the picture and into our arms.

These portraits are too cute to be true.

We can't resist these felted felines that look like they're all ready for cuddles.

These lovely works of art are made of natural wool, chunky wool and pure wool for a 3D effect like no other.

It's time for your pet to meet their identical twin.

These portraits immortalize the beauty of each and every pet with a keen attention to detail.

We have a strong suspicion that some pets may mistake these for new siblings.

These might even make your real pet feel jealous.

These portraits can resemble a sample pet photo exactly, or the paw positions and other details can be adjusted for different poses.

It may be time for a photoshoot with your pets for an entire museum of quirky 3D portraits.

Every pet will be wanting their portrait delivered right away.

These unique and creative portraits are available on several different websites, such as Etsy, and more for around $100 or more, depending on the particular request.

Let us know what you think of these lifelike 3D pet portraits in the comments and if you plan to order one of your beloved pet.