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People Are Swapping Their Regular Light Bulbs For Stunning Stained Glass Ones

For those of us always looking for something unconventional and unique to add to our home decor, these vibrant stained glass bulbs may be just what the doctor ordered.

They're going viral on TikTok and people are raving about the gorgeous variety of colors that come together to form a rainbow.

Who knew all of that could emerge from one little bulb?

These bulbs are making a colorful comeback.

TikTok | @_cristinale

While these stained glass bulbs aren't a new product, they are definitely being revitalized.

In fact, this new wave of popularity is inspired by TikTok users like Christina Le, who goes by the username @_christinale.

Le shared a video of her showing this bulb off and it has garnered thousands of views, likes and shares. Other TikTok users are shining after sharing videos of these bulbs too.

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It's time for every lamp to get a glow up.

These hand-painted bulbs will last around 1.4 years if used for about 3 hours per day.

Not only are they long lasting, but they're also 25W light bulbs that offer a broad amount of lighting for multiple spaces.

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They come in a set.

[Amazon](https://www.amazon.com/GE-Lighting-46645-25-Watt-Stained/dp/B00328GTEI?ots=1&slotNum=2&imprToken=06bb9017-1cd5-9398-097&th=1&linkCode=ogi&tag=housebeautiful_auto-append-20&ascsubtag=[artid | 10057.a.35178652[src

There's no need to worry about having to buy more of these gorgeous bulbs for a long time.

One bulb is already long-lasted, so with a set of 5, we think you'll be very well set for many years to come.

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Each bulb has us ready to shine bright like a diamond.

These stained glass bulbs are available on Amazon for under $20. However, because there is high demand for these bulbs, prices may vary.

Let us know what you think of these bulbs in the comments and if you're ready to brighten your space with a beautiful combination of stunning colors!

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