First Came Hot Cocoa Bombs — Now Broth Bombs Are Taking Soups To The Next Level

Ever since hot cocoa bombs arrived on the scene, people have been looking for ways to take other food options to the next level, and here it is.

The months are still chilly and soups are perfect for keeping us cozy with endless delectable flavors.

We pretty much have to thank the person who decided to combine the magic of soup and the genius mechanics of melting bombs to make broth bombs for yet another next level move.

It started as an idea and became a reality.

In 2019, the brand Broth Bomb began a kickstarter campaign for donations to support their products.

They received an overwhelming amount of support and raised over $16,000 in donations.

Before long, their handmade broth bombs arrived on Amazon for many people to try and enjoy.

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These broth bombs are fizzing with flavor.

These broth bombs are great for a variety of food needs and dietary limitations. They're soy-free, nut-free, vegan, and made with reduced-sodium.

They come in eight flavors made with fresh herbs and spices that are great for making soups or stews, or to simply be enjoyed by themselves.

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Every broth bomb is thoughtfully made.

The flavors included Drops of Jupiter, which consists of basil and hot peppers, Gesundheit, which showcases turmeric and ginger, Ryeless Red Reuben, which is full of fennel, and Scarborough Fair, inspired by classic pot pie, among many others.

Some are especially aromatic, like the Stone Broke Dharma flavor that's great for garam masala, and Spiced Antiquity, which is earthy and spicy.

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It may be time to try these beautiful broth bombs.

One bomb can be enough for up to six soups, and a set of 8 only costs around $35 on Amazon, which basically means we'd be covered for soup for a long time.

Individual flavors can also be purchased for around $7 for those with a favorite.

Let us know what you need in the comments and if you plan to pick up some of these amazing bone broth bombs!

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