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When Cat Refused To Let Its Human Leave For Class, She Smuggled It Along With Her

Amy Pilkington 21 Jan 2021

If you have a pet then you know the struggle of leaving them behind when you have to leave the house.

Not a work day or shopping trip goes by where I don't give each of my dogs a parting treat with the promise that I'll be back soon.

Do they understand? Does time even work the same way in their doggy brains as it does in mine?

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Who knows, but the act still makes me feel better about leaving them alone for even a short excursion.

Occasionally, I can take them for the ride if the pet store or park is on the agenda, but that's not as common as they'd probably prefer.

And I still feel badly every time I leave.

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That common feeling is probably why a video shared on Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) went viral.

Douyin | BD20191125

It's very #relatable, and pretty darn cute to boot.

The video shows a delightfully round Munchkin cat just chilling in the desk of a student during class.

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The kitty's name is Ba Dun, and he belongs to a student in Xi'an, China.

Douyin | BD20191125

His owner told MailOnline that he had been so cuddly as she was running late for class, that she couldn't bear to leave him.

He was so well-behaved that the lecturer never realized he was there, only finding out after the video went viral.


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