Viral Photo Asks One Very Important Question And Manages To Divide The Internet

While there are many important issues that divide people around the world, we can't help but to think we may have found the biggest.

How people go about eating their French fries with ketchup says a lot about who they are and how they approach life. Well...probably.

It's certainly a divide that's managing to also divide the internet tremendously.

It all started with a Facebook post.

Kitchen Fun With 2 Sons l Facebook

Some people are completely team A and others are team B. It even became a bit scandalous.

One woman wrote, "We both live in my house... I am a dipper my husband is a spreader."

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Some are all for ketchup on top

Giphy | McDonald's CZ/SK

One person shared, "Something I do not eat very often but when i do it is definetely [sic] A"

"It depends on where I am," someone else added. "At home, I like ketchup on the fries, and to eat them with my fingers. Extra flavor."

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Others are all for ketchup on the side.

Christopher Williams l Unsplash

Someone wrote, "I'm B, because I sometimes put vinegar on my fries. And I just like to dip my food in my sauces."

Another team B person said, "B with salt mixed in the ketchup, salt doesn’t always stick to fries. I like my salt."

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Mot people opted for a third option, option C, which wasn't even offered in the photo.

Unsplash | Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

But that's because the two options didn't have much wiggle room for those who don't even like ketchup, or for those a who want more than just the red stuff on their French fries.

"How about C NONE AT ALL," a person suggested, while someone else expressed, "I am actually C, I mix ketchup and mayo together. Only way to eat fries"

"I’m allergic to tomatoes and only eat French fries when I have a craving," this person admitted. "Is there a C?"

It's safe to say, there needs to be a few more options to really determine the internet's feeling on this particularly potato snack. Let us know what you think in the comments and if you're team A, B or the much-needed C!

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