TikTok User Shows Off DIY 'Marble' Countertop Hack That Cost Less Than $200

Many of us love the elegant and clean look that marble surfaces have, but we don't love the price tags they usually come with.

One TikTok user has a DIY marble countertop hack that's not only less expensive than traditional marble, but also saves money on installation.

People have been so impressed with the realistic results that they've taken to trying this DIY method for themselves. The verdicts are in, and... Well, they certainly have a lot to say.

This is a great idea for theory.

TikTok | @nopencilblog

Popular TikTok user @nopencilblog (AKA Melissa Mondragon) showed audiences how she transformed her granite kitchen counters into marble-looking masterpieces in just four days for under $200.

While it looks like a flawless and easy process in her video, when people realistically tried to follow her footsteps, it wasn't so simple.

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For some people, it was a bit tricky.

TikTok | @nopencilblog

While there were some who were able to recreate the faux marble look successfully, there were others whose DIY attempt did not fair so well.

While the specific kit that Mondragon purchased only cost her $180, for some, it was more work than they expected for a disappointing result.

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The kit calls for certain skills that usually come from experts.

TikTok | @nopencilblog

In an interview with Business Insider, interior designer Iantha Carley explained, "I would think you'd need some serious art skills to really pull [a DIY marble countertop] off well. From some of the photos I've seen, most do not."

While brutally honest about the failures of people who try this method, Carley pointed out a legitimate reason for people to take caution when trying this DIY.

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For those who did manage to pull it off, the outcomes were dazzling, but that didn't stop others for slamming the DIY idea altogether.

TikTok | @nopencilblog

As one person expressed in Mondragon's video comments, this hack is "like the millennial version of putting carpet over real hardwood floors."

While there were many other comments from people who just weren't feeling this DIY, there were also many who were completely on board. Mondragon summed up the situation perfectly, telling Insider, "Some people, I'm sure, like it, some people don't like it. That's fine."

After all, it's true, not every DIY works for everyone.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this DIY "marble" countertop hack and if you'd ever try it!

h/t: TikTok | @nopencilblog, Business Insider

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