Quotes For When You Know You're A Pain In The Ass

Amy Pilkington 22 Jan 2021

We all know those people who are assholes but either completely oblivious to it or are just so far beyond the pale that they don't care.

Those people can get bent, because they are the absolute worst.

Most of us do our best to not be that person, but sometimes we just can't help it.

In these times of remote working, it's been especially hard to not feel like you're being a pain in the ass sometimes.

"Why yes, I know this is an important meeting and I am very honored to be asked for my insight...sorry about the dogs barking at an asshole squirrel that's taunting them through the window."

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There's just a lot more going on at home these days and not all of it is under our control.

"I'm sorry that I'm in a closet and you can barely see me in the bad lighting, but this is the only place I could escape the sound of the 30 first-graders in my kid's virtual class showing off their pets for the millionth time."

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The important part is that we are aware that this is annoying the hell out of people we work with.

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And that they understand the context of the trouble and that we're doing our best.

Anyway, they probably have their own weird work from home issues that are a pain in our asses as well.

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