Facebook User Shares Genius Hack To Keep Kitty Litter Tidy

If you have an indoor cat, you know how messy their kitty litter can get. Are you with me on that? What is it with all the scratching and making a big mess? Can't cats just stay tidy already?

Well, if your cat won't, don't worry about it. This one lady came out with a genius hack, and I bet you'll love it.

So how many times do you have to clean the area where your cat's kitty litter sits?

I bet it's more than you would like, huh? What if I told you that you could have a mess-free area in no time at all?

Autumn Daniels shared her fix for a messy kitty litter on Facebook, and it quickly became a hit.

It seems that fellow feline owners love her simple yet effective solution. Get a load of this. How do you like it so far?

As I said, her idea is simple, easy to do, and best of all — cheap.

All you need is a plastic storage bin with a lid like this one. Then, you cut out a hole for the kitty to get in and place your kitty litter box inside the bin.

Isn't this genius or what?

If you want to give your kitty some privacy, you can just close the lid, and voilĂ ! Now your cat can do his or her business in private. And how cute is this little nightlight she installed right inside the box?

Here's a closer look at what's inside the box.

Aw, doesn't it looks so clean and cozy in there? Now when the cat makes a mess, it's easy to clean it all up. And, everything is neatly contained in one place.

Daniels even made sure she had all the necessities to clean the litter box, so she hangs up the scoopers right inside, too.

I bet this smart solution makes cleaning her cat's litter box such a breeze now. Am I right?

Her post was so popular she got over 20,000 reactions on it.

In addition to that, she got over 80,000 comments and 255,000 shares. Wow, that's quite a lot! A lot of people who commented on her pictures were pretty impressed with her idea.

Some people questioned her use of light inside of the box.

As you may or may not know, cats do have night vision, so they don't really need the light. Maybe she needs it to clean the box and not so much for the cat, ha, ha!

There were plenty of people who vowed to make something like this as soon as they found a suitable space or it.

I'm thinking this would be great for any cat. Perhaps the two nightlights are a bit much but otherwise, I like the idea.

And — wait a minute — is that a cute mat I see inside?

Oh wow, how adorable is that? I really love that idea. Do you think your kitty would appreciate this special touch? Ha, ha, I think so. I mean, why not?

You might have to find a box big enough for your cat.


A larger cat may have issues getting in and out of the bin, ha, ha! So that's one thing you might need to keep in mind.

But once you get this all set up, the clean-up should be a breeze from now on, huh?

Unsplash | Pedro Candeias

I don't know about you, but anything that helps me with that, I'm all for it. After all, cleaning the litter box isn't one of my favorite chores.

And when you do have to clean it, it should take you much time at all.

Unsplash | Anton

You can take the box outside and even hose it down if you need to. Am I right? I guess it depends on how messy your cat is.

So what do you think of this kitty litter idea? Do you like it?

Would you use it to keep your cat's litter area clean? I think this Facebook user is on to something here. I guess the cat would have to decide whether he likes it or not, huh?