Quotes For When Your Produce Drawer Has Become An Accidental Science Experiment

Amy Pilkington 28 Jan 2021

Can I admit to something here? Of the two crisper drawers in my fridge, one is empty and the other just has a few leftover carrots that I meant to chop and freeze for future soup, but never got around to.

Frankly, I'm kind of afraid to open that drawer at this point.

It didn't have to be this way, but I'm already pretty "meh" about vegetables and a worldwide pandemic has given my worst tendencies the perfect excuse.


I used to stop at the farmers market beside the office for fresh produce, but working from home put a pause on that.

And if you've ever tried to order produce on Instacart or a curbside pick-up app, then you've probably run into its many pitfalls.

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Opening your bag to find less-than-great examples of your preferred veggies is not much fun.

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Whatever stage of ripeness you prefer for your bananas, they will not be that.

Or you need one onion for a recipe and you end up with a 10-pound bag.

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So yeah, my bad habit of choosing processed foods and sugary snacks is just getting fed all of its favorites right now.

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Still, I should probably at least check on those carrots and put them out of their misery before my crisper drawer turns into some scary science experiment.

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