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TikTok Users Invent A Better Pill Bottle For People With Parkinson’s Disease

Amy Pilkington 29 Jan 2021

At 46 years old, Jimmy Choi has completed more than 100 half-marathons, more than a dozen full marathons, an ultra-marathon, Spartan Races, and countless other runs. In 2017, he competed in American Ninja Warrior on NBC, bringing his sheer athleticism to a wider audience.

And at 46 years old, Jimmy Choi has been living with Parkinson's disease for 19 years.

He was 27 when he was first diagnosed, and after years of living in denial, he decided to try the opposite.

TikTok | @jcfoxninja

Now he raises money for Parkinson's research while spreading awareness of the full effects of the disease and the day-to-day struggles of those living with it.

In late-2020, he shared a video on TikTok sharing one of his biggest pet peeves: the difficulty of taking tiny pills with a tremor.

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The video was mostly just meant to raise awareness of the issue and vent a little, but it inspired so much more than that.

TikTok | @brianalldridge

Fellow TikTok user Brian Alldridge saw the video and had an idea for a different kind of pill bottle that could help Parkinson's patients.

The bottle uses an easy-to-grip twisting bottom that allows the user to isolate one pill in the lid, and then simply pop the pill into their mouths by tipping the bottle.

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However, Alldridge doesn't own a 3D printer, so he posted the plans online for free and requested help.

TikTok | @hungryengineer

Offers to print came flooding in, and engineer David Exler ended up connecting with Choi to test the bottle and improve on the design.

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The next step for Alldridge is to get the bottle into the hands of as many people who need it as possible.

He's currently working with a patent lawyer to ensure that his design remains free for others to tinker with. In the near future, he hopes to meet with manufacturers to mass-produce the bottles, with all proceeds going towards non-profit organizations.

h/t: CBC News

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