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Grandma Furious After Mom Buys Grandson A Sequin Dress 'He Didn't Ask For'

For generations, gender norms have informed the way many people dress.

However, some people have decided to delve beyond what other people think is conventional and pursue their own stylistic choices without ascribing to the preconceived notions of what it means to be appropriate to others.

Unfortunately, some stylistic freedom and expression can sometimes create a rift between people and their loved ones.

Sometimes there's an expectation for everyone to be the same.

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Although we're all born into this world as different people, there continues to be a belief that all boys and all girls must dress or identify a certain way.

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Even as kids, we are developing a sense of style.

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As the pre-frontal cortex develops, many children begin learning how to make choices for themselves, including when it comes to what they want to wear.

From their favorite colors to adding accessories, children are on a journey of self discovery and growth.

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Fashion is for everyone.

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Everyone has their own developed sense of style and fashion, from those that like casual and comfy to others that live for high heels and sparkles.

The world is a cacophony of fashion and sometimes people want to push the limits with their wardrobes, no matter what anyone thinks.

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One mother decided to give her son more outfit choices.

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The mom noticed that her son liked traditionally masculine clothes, but also appreciated pretty things. As she explained,

"I buy all his clothes, obviously, but he picks out what he wears. I've always bought his clothes in the boys section, but recently I found a sequins dress (he loves sparkles) and decided to buy it for him and see if he wanted to wear it."

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She wanted him to feel confident picking which clothes he enjoyed.

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"I didn’t put it on him, or even mention I bought it, I just put it in his closet as an option for him," the mom continued. "The next day he pulled it out, as I kind of figured he would, and wore it to pre-k. Now he wears it sometimes, and I’ve decided to provide him more options since he clearly likes 'girly' clothes. "

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However, the boy's grandma was not happy with this outfit decision.

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As the woman explained, her own mother is not a fan of her grandson's new dress.

"My mother hates this idea. She’s not anti gay, or really even against boys wearing dresses, but her issue is that my son never specifically asked for a dress or complained about wearing boys clothes. She thinks I’m making him 'confused' for no reason, and said I should have never even provided the option."

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This mom headed to Reddit for others to weigh in.

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She went on Reddit's popular r/AmITheAsshole section to ask other users if they also feel that she was wrong to allow her son to wear the dress, even though he "didn't ask for it." She made sure to clarify a few things before letting the jury make their verdict.

"My son has expressed an interest in dresses. He’s never requested a dress or girls clothes, but he does play dress up in my old ones," she explained, adding that while it would be okay if he did, her son has never many any indication that he might identify as transgendered.

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The people have spoken.


The Reddit jury weighed in, and they are standing firm on this mom's side.


Another person added, "OP didn't make the kid wear it. Kids won't wear things just bc they're there. Hell, half the time kids won't wear stuff if you told them too, so OP's son choosing the dress was [because] he liked it and wanted to wear it."

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The woman's post has led to a larger conversation.


After expressing overwhelming support for this mom, commenters also discussed the problems with gendering clothes and strictly limiting what children can wear or do according to sex.

In an effort to point out the double standard at play here, someone wrote, "Your mom would've had no problem with you buying a dress for a girl if she didn't specially ask for it."

Let us know what you think in the comments where you stand on this situation and if you think it's time to stop gendering clothes.

h/t: Reddit

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