Marriage Quotes That Should Be Recited At Every Wedding Ceremony

While many married couples love each other very much, that doesn't necessarily mean they love each and every thing the other person does.

Perhaps that's the thing about love. Couples always tend to know exactly how to push each other's buttons. We've compiled quotes that both playfully and honestly remind us of some of the realities of married life that should probably be built into the "I do's."

1. This reminds us that marriage is for both the good times and the kind of really awkward times.

It would be a lie to say that marriage isn't quite the adventure, and it's always smooth. In this case, it's definitely not always appropriate. Some would argue that awkward virtual voyeurism is a sign of lasting love.

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2. This is for the couple that's heard all of each other's jokes.

It can be too much fun when you and your spouse have the same sense of humor. Unless one of you has selective memory.

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3. This is for the married couples who are perfectly out of tune with each other.

Communication is so important when it comes to marriage, especially when a lot is lost in translation, or just completely lost in the sauce.

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4. This quote reminds couples of what's truly important.

Separate bedrooms may indicate trouble, but separate toothpaste tubes seems like a genius way to avoid one severely grime-filled argument.

Let us know if any of these quotes resonated with you and if you think they remind you of your spouse.

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