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Shelter Dog Has Been Overlooked Time And Time Again Because Of Her Crooked Face

While many of us have heard the timeless proverb that we should not judge a book by its cover, the true significance of that saying is too often lost.

One incredibly loving and playful dog has been ignored by potential adoptees due to her crooked face. It's a shame that many are missing the utter beauty of this lovely dog's heart and soul and only looking at what she lacks.

Kleo survived against all odds.

Located in Massachusetts, "A Place for Ace" rescue is home to many pups aspiring to find a loving home, including Kleo.

As The Dodo reported, Kleo is only one year old but has already faced quite the set of adversities. After being adopted and then almost immediately returned, she was moved to a euthanasia list.

That is, until rescue owner Meagan Hanley stepped in.

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Kleo doesn't look like many other dogs.

Instagram | @a_place_for_ace

When many people think of dogs, they don't often imagine dogs that look like Kleo, who has a slightly crooked face and an underbite. We often forget that just like people, not all dogs are made the same, and that can beautiful.

Meagan Hanley was not about to give up on Kleo. With her playfulness, energy and affection, Kleo is a wonderful dog that proves that sometimes all we need is for one person to believe in us.

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Kleo can finally rest easy while she waits patiently for her furever home.

Fortunately, Kleo has found a loving foster home that loves her for everything that she is, including her features that make her so wonderfully unique.

Brianne Miers is fostering Kleo and adores the dog's adaptability and adjustment to change.

“Kleo makes the most out of every day,” she told The Dodo. “She truly has a zest for life

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Kleo reminds us that we are so much more than someone's approval.

A Place for Ace

While Kleo can't do anything about what others think about her looks, it hasn't stopped her from wagging her tail and doing her own thing.

It's a relief to see that she's found a foster mom that loves her for who she is. It's a reminder for us to open our hearts to different people and appreciate their qualities.

If you're interested in learning more about Kleo or wish to adopt her, visit A Place for Ace's website.

h/t: The Dodo

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