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Allison Janney Says Her Short Silver Hair Was Inspired By Helen Mirren

Rae Batchelor 12 Feb 2021

I'm absolutely living for the latest hair trend in Hollywood where women are letting their natural greys out. For one thing, it looks fantastic, and for another, I think if I tallied up all the time and money I spent covering my OWN greys, I'd be a much richer and much younger woman without it.

Maybe I wouldn't even have greys!

Allison Janney is one of my favorite celebrities.

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She's fantastic in everything she's in, like Juno, West Wing, Mom, The Hours, Hairspray and I, Tonya, and she seems so hilarious and down to Earth too.

Recently, Allison debuted a new look — an all-grey pixie cut!

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Allison opened up about why she went for this new gorgeous look in a new interview.

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"It started out with just COVID choices, you know. I was in Ohio for five months of the pandemic," Allison explained. "My natural color started growing in — which is grey."

Me too, girl.

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Allison revealed the iconic platinum-haired star who inspired the look.

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"And then I thought, you know, I've always wanted to cut it off and do a Helen Mirren thing. I just wanted to try it," Allison explained.

Helen has been pulling off absolutely gorgeous white hair for years, so it only makes sense that she's been an inspiration for Allison!

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"I just get very brave with my hair," Allison joked.

Instagram | @allisonbjanney

It looks like bravery works out for her, because I've never seen Allison Janney with a haircut I didn't love!

Would you ever let your natural greys grow out? Let us know in the comments below!

h/t: People

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