10+ Before-And-After Pics Of Women Who Went Ahead And Got Bangs

I have to admit something to you: I've never looked that good with bangs. At least that's what I think. There's something about them that, I believe, doesn't exactly suit my face.

However, other people can really rock bangs, especially when they are done by a skilled hairstylist. Here are some examples of bangs done right that even I can get behind.

1. Oh my goodness, doesn't this lady look absolutely gorgeous here?

Reddit | rhubarb_pie530

She's already a stunner, but now with her new bangs, she looks so rock 'n roll. I absolutely love this makeover. I wish my bangs would turn out as good as hers.

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2. This is such a cool transformation.

Am I right? I have to say that this new hairdo really suits this lady's face. Don't you think? I like how these bangs turned out here. This lady's hair looks a lot more polished in the "after" picture.

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3. Aww, what a cute look, huh?

This new hairstyle looks very good on this pretty lady. She's definitely rocking these bangs here. I remember I once had a color similar to hers, and I ended up getting bangs as well.

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4. So this lady gave herself these minimalistic bangs, and she immediately loved them.

Reddit | domantee1

But then people commented that she made a mistake, so she started questioning her decision. I think she looks so pretty in the "after" picture. What do you think?

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5. This lady took the plunge into the world of bangs, and she's not regretting it at all.

Reddit | Drunken_Mermaid

She only wanted to know if she should make them thicker and a little shorter. I think they look great as they are right now.

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6. Bangs or no bangs?

Reddit | fulltimesunshine

This lady asked the ultimate question. What do you think of her two looks here? I have to say I think I prefer her in bangs. The style frames her face a lot better compared to her photo without bangs. Do you agree?

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7. Is it just me, or does this lady look so much better with these new, beautiful, curly bangs?

Instagram | @corinna.at.pony

And I also think this shorter hairdo is making her curls look so much healthier and bouncier. I love this transformation here.

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8. Aww, what an adorable style here, huh?


It isn't the typical cut you see every day. I think this lady looks a lot more fun in this new hairdo. From the looks of it, she seems pretty happy with the final result.

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9. If you can't fully commit to getting bangs, why not try a style like this instead?

I have to admit that this is something I would go for to change up my look. I think it's like having the best of both worlds, no?

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10. If you can believe it, this pretty lady gave herself these shaggy bangs.

Reddit | gumptiousguillotine

Wow, I'm pretty impressed. I don't think I would have been able to cut my hair quite like this. Doesn't this new hairdo suit her face much better?

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11. This lady faced a real dilemma.

Reddit | eb1608

Her cowlick has always been the bane of her existence and deterred her from ever getting a fringe. But that didn't stand in her way of trying out these bangs. I think she looks super cute.

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12. Oh wow, if this isn't a dramatic hair transformation, I don't know what is, hee, hee.

Reddit | UnpleasantRedhead

This lady's hair was pretty wild before, but now it's so polished and stylish. I can't believe the hairstylist was able to tame this mane.

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13. This pixie cut is a winner!

Reddit | ThivyaM

If you ever wanted to get a pixie cut, I say go for it. This lady did, and boy, does she look cute here. I think she's totally channeling Halle Berry. What do you think?

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14. This confidence-boosting cut rocks.

Reddit | jayyzombies

This lady was feeling consistently bad about herself the past few years. So she decided to make a change and got bangs. Now it's 2021, and she's looking forward to a new-found confidence. Good for her, huh?

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15. What a bold change-up here!

Reddit | blooming_desert

Wow, if you ever wanted to darken your hair and get bangs at the same time, don't be afraid. This lady did just that and look at the dramatic style she created here. Don't you love it?

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16. When you get what you want.

Reddit | SoftballNDrawing

This lady wasn't happy with her original cut, so she went back to the salon. Now, she's thrilled to report that she got exactly what she asked for and more. I think this look suits her quite nicely, no?

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17. How do you tame wild hair?

Reddit | Zaflisa

This is how you do it, ladies. When you have so much hair, it may be scary to cut it all off, huh? This lady wasn't so sure in the beginning, but then she took the plunge and voilà.

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18. This is cutest cut.

Reddit | namestini

Oh my goodness. Is this not the cutest cut or what? I can't get over how good this lady looks in bangs. I bet she even got surprised by that. It's such a wonderful change to see, huh?

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19. This adorable style is top-notch.

Reddit | hugses

If you're looking for a cute style, I've got a great idea for you. I think bangs are just what the doctor ordered, ha, ha! Check out how adorable this lady looks here. What a sweet cut indeed.

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20. When 'fun' is your middle name.

Reddit | kaptionless

I have to tell you, bangs can be such a fun change to your look. I feel like if I get them again, I could enjoy them a lot more this time. Hmm, perhaps I should get them then.

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21. This lady went from pretty to sassy.

Reddit | dallycpoz

Now that this lady embarked on a big change in hairstyle, she admits she feels a bit edgier. What do you think about that? I think it sums it up pretty accurately, indeed.

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22. Is this lady a stunner or what?

Reddit | FridaKahlowRider

Wow, her hair was already so gorgeous before. Now she looks like a runway model or something like that. No? I definitely think so. I bet she's turning heads with this new hairdo.

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23. Okay, I have to confess looking at these awesome bangs is making me a little envious.

Giphy | Turner Classic Movies

Perhaps I should give them another try, huh? What do you think? Have you ever had bangs before, or are you contemplating getting some soon?

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