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Luke Bryan On His 14-Year Marriage: 'Communication Is Key' — But Alcohol Helps

Rae Batchelor 16 Feb 2021

Getting married might be as easy as hitching a ride down to the nearest courthouse, but staying married is definitely harder. Sure, you love them to the moon and back, but also, they're REALLY annoying, and they live in your house all the time. Nobody can push your buttons like a spouse, so sticking together for 14 years is pretty impressive, which is exactly what Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline have done!

I absolutely LOVE Luke Bryan.

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It's not just his music I love (although you better watch out on karaoke night when I break out 'One Margarita' or 'Knockin Boots') but I also love his down-to-earth and traditional attitude when it comes to life — especially his marriage!

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Luke has been married to his wife Caroline for 14 years and recently opened up about how they've managed to stay together.

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"Obviously quarantine has certainly put its share of new things to navigate," Luke told People. "Caroline and I are used to spending quite a bit of time apart, and now I'm just here every day."

That's definitely how my husband and I are feeling! Like, you're still here?

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"The main thing with us is properly inserting alcohol in parts of the relationship," Luke said.


"It does a really, really good job for us. I'm playing!" he joked.

Now THAT'S some marriage advice I can get behind! I've been using this strategy myself for quite some time, and I've only seen success with it!

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"It's all about communication and giving each other time to go do the things that we're passionate about," Luke went on.

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"But the communication is so critical. When you get your wires crossed," Luke said, "I know it sounds cliché, but never go to bed mad. You really have to abide by that stuff."

Wise words from a wise man! My husband and I never go to bed angry, because I don't let him in the bed when I'm angry!

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"Sitting and letting something small turn into a big event is not how you make it," Luke said.

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"It never gets easier, but when you can share a wonderful life together, it makes it all worth it."

Well, I think Luke definitely has this whole marriage thing figured out — maybe if he ever gets bored of being a country superstar, a career as a marriage counsellor is in his future!

h/t: People

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