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Loyal Dog Jumps On Ambulance's Bumper To Follow Her Owner To The Hospital

There's a reason why we say dogs are man's (and woman's) best friend. They're loyal to a fault, and care about us more than they care about themselves.

When a man recently fell ill and needed medical attention, his dog was determined to make sure he was taken care of, even if that meant going out of her way to stay by her human's side.

Such love and determination is not only inspiring, but is also a testament to the true bond that can be found between a person and their dog.

One day, a man suddenly fell ill and collapsed on the sidewalk while walking his dog.

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As The Dodo reported, Anderson Fechner Bahi was driving past the scene a short while later when he saw an ambulance had arrived to tend to to the man.

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Once they had loaded the ill man into the ambulance, something incredible happened.

Facebook | Anderson Fechner Bahi

His dog decided to tag along as well, and jumped up on the bumper to make sure her owner was safe. First responders were so touched that they decided to let her in the truck.

“The love this dog has for her owner is something very special,” Bahi, who witnessed the incredible scene and even posted a photo of the dog on the ambulance to his Facebook, told The Dodo. “A faithful love.”

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The man's dog waited faithfully for her human to return.

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In a show of even more devotion, his dog waited in front of the hospital once he had been wheeled inside, and she patiently awaited her owner's recovery.

It's safe to say this pup was determined that as long as her human was inside, she wasn't going anywhere.

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This dog's protectiveness influenced everyone.

Amal Saker via The Dodo

Maria Lúcia Muniz, a local woman who lives near the hospital, noticed the dog waiting outside and offered to look after the pup until her owner felt better. Thankfully, the sweet dog wouldn't have to wait very long.

“It was very emotional,” Muniz told The Dodo. “But thank God, the owner was only hospitalized for 45 minutes. His family arrived to take him and his dog home.”

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h/t: The Dodo, Facebook | Anderson Fechner Bahi

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