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36 People Who Found Unexpected Things In Unexpected Places

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Life is full of the surprises — some sweet, some not so sweet — but the ones that are sure to be good are the little, unexpected things you find in the most ordinary and unexceptional places. From the grocery store to their kid's lunchbox, the next people stumbled upon some things that are sure to give you a chuckle!

1. This sign found in a Florida grocery store

Reddit | Moofisilla

You know what they say, everything has more than one use. And in this case, we're not just talking different types of pickling methods.

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2. This silent reading sign found in a library 

Reddit | mays85

I never thought I'd ever feel so personally invaded by a sign. I suppose it's harmless, considering that very few kids would even get it...

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3. This person found their doppelgänger at a concert 

Reddit | elvegu

If you find your doppelgänger, did you really find them, or did they find you? Are you the doppelgänger? This must be a glitch.

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4. This size 20 shoe found at a secondhand store 

Reddit | Reddit

These literally look like a pair of kicks Andre the Giant would have worn. I feel like that old lady could make a home for herself in there.

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5. This silverware surprise hidden in the banana bread

Reddit | ihavesoreballs

This is definitely not as exciting as finding chocolate chips in your loaf, but at least you've got that missing spoon back.

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6. This engagement ring that was found strangling a carrot thirteen years after it was lost

Reddit | le_fromage_puant

Sure, carrots are great, but I don't like them enough to put a ring on one.

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7. This roach is enjoying an Italian dinner in an office break room 

Reddit | Maximus7713

He looks like he's pondering whether or not to order that second glass of wine before he digs into those meatballs.

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8. This pair of glasses baked into some bread

Reddit | Bosco_George

Looking for something to spice up your baking? Melted prescription lenses are a great way to add some extra flavor into a traditional white loaf.

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9. This plant someone discovered living underground in a buried soda bottle 

Reddit | SoManyShades

I don't know about you, but this is the last place I'd expect to find a mini greenhouse garden!

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10. This "emergency" kit found in a kid's room  

Reddit | USMC_0481

I don't know what this kid has planned for the future, but if those are his emergency essentials, I'm sure he has a very exciting life ahead of him.

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11. This amphibious friend found in a bag of lettuce 

Snopes | Snopes

If I was trapped in a sealed plastic bag, I'd be freaking out, but this guy looks pretty content. He must like salad.

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12. This interestingly carved-out jar of peanut butter found under the bed 


Look, I know your minds are probably going to dirty places, but some people like to dip their cucumbers in peanut me...

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13. This person who found their banana |

Even if you aren't a believer in the Christian faith, you've got to admit that the resemblance is uncanny. That's one holy banana.

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14. This bag of edamame secretly harbors Snickers bars!

Reddit | Standard_Candle

The sibling or significant other who thought of this is a genius. No one in their right mind would ever touch the edamame!

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15. This ginormous potato chip found in a bag of Lays

Reddit | Joe2pointOh

I'd never expect to find such a plentiful spud treasure in a bag of chips that's usually two-thirds full of air.

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16. This person who found a free meal in a bar of soap

Instagram | @melaninprincessaa

Or a new shirt, or a ticket to the movies, or five days of Starbucks coffee. The possibilities are endless!

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17. This guy who found his long lost family line

Imgur | WreckedTangled

Right now, this man is experiencing the joy, shock, and awe of having discovered his doppelgänger.

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18. The husband who found a Cabernet Sauvignon in the shower

Reddit | justgrant2009
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19. This wife who found a special prize at the bottom of the cereal box

Twitter | @LanetteL
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20. This person who found a bathroom companion 

Instagram | @memes

Bathroom time is a private time! And your booty is sacred! What's going on here?!

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21. The boyfriend who discovered a very interesting piece of information at the bottom of his coffee mug

Twitte | @annacatkopsky
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22. The guy who found a couch potato sandwich 

Twitter | @fourzerotwo
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23. This parent who finally discovered where their kids hid their veggies

Reddit | RequiemForATaco
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24. The person who discovered a second banana in the most expected yet unexpected place


Got lonely all alone in that skin and wanted a friend!

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25. This person who woke up to a surprise from themself  

Imgur | triplenerdscore

If you can surprise yourself, you don't need no man.

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26. The very unlucky kid who got a surprise while playing at McDonalds

Fun Cage | Fun Cage
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27. This TSA agent who thought they'd seen everything

Instagram | @tsa

Bullets in's kind of poetic!

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28. Just imagine, you're wandering through a museum of Renaissance masterpieces, and suddenly you happen upon this.

Imgur | Davidurbon

It must be like walking past a mirror. Except for the clothes, jug, and garden setting.

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29. The person who spotted these socks on Grandma

Imgur | smeen

Who knows, maybe she's waiting to fulfill her prescription.

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30. The vegetarian who found a smile in their carrot

Reddit | shegoesgentle

Now you can't eat it! It has a face!

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31. This person who found a pair of ice skates in an interesting place

Reddit | Dspot16
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32. The freshman who had a surprise on move in day

Twitter | @kennapilling

Now, we should all expect our parents to be embarrassing to some degree, but this isn't good for anyone involved!

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33. This cab driver who must have unwittingly given Tony Montana a ride

eBaum's World | eBaum's World
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34. The redditor who found the beginnings of a garden in his back car seat 

Reddit | numb3r1Sp0rts_fan

I don't even want to know what's underneath this seat.

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35. This person who stumbled upon the glasses they lost years ago

Reddit | chequesformike
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36. The library patrons who wondered where that smell was coming from

Imgur | meowkakmeow
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