13 Times People Kept It Simple

Diply 8 Apr 2016

Life can be complicated, especially when you're trying to learn a bunch of things in school.

So many subjects to pay attention to and so little attention to do it with!

Luckily for these kids, they didn't panic and they kept it together and went with a really simple approach.

Looks like it paid off.

1. I think their names suit them very well. 

reddit | Humpty-Numpty
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2. Technically, he isn't wrong. 

reddit | EddieLomax
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3. Well then, how would he know?  

reddit | nayiro
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4. Dogs are better than people, so this is what I would hope for. 

reddit | QueriousGeorge
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5. He's a simple man with a simple routine. 

reddit | GlobindobinButler
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6. Sometimes violence is the answer. 

reddit | Justindew
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7. Just draw one, obviously. 

reddit | ToiletCrash
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8. Sympathy points. Nice. 

Imgur | VascularD
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9. Very to the point. 

Imgur | Bierrr
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10. At least he knows that about himself. 

reddit | Ryankees07
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11. How else would airplanes work?

reddit | footfall
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12. I think both answers are right.

reddit | carldewitt
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13. Bet she didn't see that coming. 

reddit | Nhjufy
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