These Aerial Photos From National Geographic Are Breathtaking

Diply 8 Feb 2017

National Geographic hosts a collection of photographs called Your Shot, which are images taken by ordinary people like you and me – only they have an extraordinary talent for taking photos!

In a recent collection of Your Shot photos, National Geographic posted a collection of aerial photographs, all of which were incredible. I cannot believe that some people get to see the world that way and I'm grateful they shared.

Take a look at some of them here!

1. Winter is my favorite time of the year!

National Geographic | Gerald M.

And this photo just validates those feelings.

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2. Imagine the thrill of capturing this? 

National Geographic | Lauren Bath

The little baby is so sweet!

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3. I love how the one part of the wave curls out like that.

National Geographic | Marcin Wietrzykowski

Isn't that amazing?

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4. That green! 

National Geographic | Vikas Datta

I can hardly believe it.

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5. What a perfect moment to capture a sunset.

National Geographic | Reese Lassman
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