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Parents Hilariously 'Name' Their Kids After The Reason They Had Them

Diply 3 Jul 2018

In life, there are certain moments that lead up to magic. And in this case, that magic is baby-making.

While most moments go unmentioned, in recent Twitter banter, a bunch of parents got together to share what their kids' names would be if they actually named them after the moments that led up to when they were conceived.

It all started when writer and mom Bunmi Laditan revealed the "names" of her kids. 

Twitter | @HonestToddler

The hilarious and honest tweet got hundreds of retweets and responses with equally hilarious "names."

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The first of the responses touched on a popular dating trend. 

Twitter | @CodeName_Petty

There's no denying that countless children have Netflix to thank for their lives. I'd personally love to see twins named Netflix and Chill.

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But before there was Netflix and chill, there was Blockbuster and chill.  

Twitter | @jrpwrrngr01

I wonder how many kids named Make Up After Fighting About Late Fees there are out in the world.

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Another Twitter user's children have special occasions and celebrations to thank. 

Twitter | @eestes30

If she continues down this route, I expect the next child's name to be He Surprised Me With Flowers.

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Sometimes, you just gotta do it for the oldest child. 

Twitter | @BriannaTurner32

When life surprises you with lemons, you make more lemonade, so that the lemons aren't lonely. That's the saying, right?

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Let's be honest. Most second children were born with a job. 

Twitter | @francesthoughts

The majority were conceived to be permanent entertainment for their older sibling. It's a hard job, but somebody's gotta do it.

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Of course, there's just something about the holidays that makes people extra lovey. 

Twitter | @ITalksGood

A tree full of presents wasn't the only gift this Twitter user got for Christmas. Surprise gifts are the best!

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We think all babies are miracles, but this Twitter user's children are extra special miracles. 

Twitter | @stateofthehand

"The name's Holy Sh*t IVF Worked Again, but you can call me Frozen for short. "

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This Twitter user's kid's name needs some more explaining. 

Twitter | @mominiquematti

Like what exactly could they have been fighting about at the taco truck? Taco trucks are supposed to be happy places!

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This tweet has me crying. 

Twitter | @sasimmons

Birth control pills have proven time and time again that they are very sensitive things. Efficiency Of The Pill Is Reduced By The Use Of Antibiotics is proof.

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Sometimes, the impossible is possible. 

Twitter | @Big_Neffy

I bet this isn't the first time a parent was caught off guard after visiting the doctor. I suspect the third child's name will be The Doctor Tricked Us Again!

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Move over, Netflix. Groupon wants in on the action. 

Twitter | @Liger_Kitten

Other name possibilities include: Paint Night Was Wild, We Had 2-For-1 Pasta Dinners, and Groupon Deals Get Me Way Too Excited.

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I have a feeling this Twitter user isn't the only one to name one of their children after Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Twitter | @SiobhanKelley

It sounds like book club got real saucy!

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While some kids got stuck with tongue twisters, some actually got really, really cool names. 

Twitter | @MargotM7

Just like little baby Hennessy! I'm not mad at this name at all. I might even consider it for my baby.

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One Twitter user graciously pointed out that if we named our kids after the reason we had them, we'd have to change our names, too. 

Twitter | @realsabijoy

To be honest, I don't want to think about it.

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This Twitter user had no problem unveiling how he was conceived.

Twitter | @MrItty

And it looks like more than one person has the great blizzard of '78 to thank for their life.

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