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22 Interesting Pics That Have Us Saying 'That's Neat'

Diply 3 Jul 2018

I love to browse Reddit looking for new and interesting photos to make me laugh, smile, or to give the stink eye to. Reddit has opened a whole new world for me. A world filled with new emotions I had no idea the internet could give me.

In particular, I love when I stumble across something on Reddit that is just so cool I need to share it with everyone. So that's what's happening here, I'm going to show you some pics that I've stumbled upon that made me go, "hmm, neat." Enjoy!

1. When a van has an output for Nintendo64, you know it's gonna be the best road trip ever.

Reddit | Bitcoin_Charlie

My dad used to get creative so we could play video games on our trips, but buying this van would have made him #1 Dad for sure.

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2. This is a stack of pianos during low tide on the beach.

Reddit | itsmybike

Apparently, it's a promotional stunt by an Irish music shop and each of piano is supported by a pole behind them. But it's still pretty darn cool.

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3. This lucky traveler got booked on a plane meant for moving crew, so she had it all to herself.

Reddit | shadybaby22

No crying babies, no wait times, lots of room to stretch out. How can I get this lucky?!

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4. An Amazon gift card came in a tiny doll-sized box and it's actually adorable.

Reddit | AgainIGoUnnoticed

Good on Amazon for not wasting cardboard, keeping delivery costs low, and making my heart skip a beat.

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5. Apparently, the white lines in a strawberry line up with the seeds on the outside.

Reddit | XiphiasZ

Honestly, science never ceases to amaze me. This is one of those times where I think, "I should have known that."

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6. When you close this journal, it looks just like a block of silver.

Reddit | sweet_I

It would definitely be fun to trick people with this, but I wouldn't write any juicy gossip in it, just in case someone decides to steal it.

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7. This photo looks like each half was taken on two separate days.

Reddit |  817 commentsshare

It's definitely a beautiful photo with some interesting perspective points. But why do the buildings on the left look so much nicer than the right?

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8. A little boy got a book for Christmas, and the character in the book looks just like him!

Reddit | designerlifela

This is a really cute momento to have as a kid, but I'd get on the phone with my lawyer, stat.

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9. A chunk of a brick wall got so weathered from the ocean that it changed into the shape of a rock.

Reddit | jakerhamster

I think it looks way cooler like this anyway.

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10. We all know you can't leave your clothes at a public laundromat, otherwise who knows what could happen to them.

Reddit | IgiveSmallTips

This laundromat has gym equipment so you can work out while you keep an eye on your threads.

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11. Did you have any idea what a fire hydrant looked like when it's not in the ground?

Reddit | zenerat

Me neither, but I definitely wasn't expecting this. It's actually kind of cool.

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12. A coffee shop has just two sizes of coffees, and I bet you can guess what they're called.

Reddit | PugsleytheFluffyPug

Yup, the larger one is Biggie, and the smaller one is Smalls. I love the illustrations, too

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I know what you're thinking: "Could things possibly get any neater?"

Giphy | Giphy

Well, my friends, I'm happy to say that yes, yes they can.

What do you think is cooler? A genius 11-year-old entrepreneur, or an oddly shaped zucchini?

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13. When your fortune is so good, you get two cookies in your fortune cookie.

Reddit | girlwithyellowspoon

Many people would not be so excited by a two-for-one fortune cookie, but I'm so here for it.

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14. These stairs help you count your calories as you walk up them.

Reddit | Kersheck

When you realize climbing the stairs only burns 13 calories, you'll probably be opting for the escalator anyway.

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15. Who would have thought something so irritating would be so beautiful?

Reddit | erbar1

If you can stop crying long enough to appreciate the beauty in this onion ombré, then you appreciate real art.

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16. This bottle of milk would be mighty tasty with a sweet peach. 


It's the perfect combo for chillin' on the couch, collecting some gold stars, and winning some rad mini battles.

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17. Now you don't have to use a piece of paper as a spare playing card the next time one goes missing from the deck.

Reddit | itsbryceluna

This deck of cards understands our lifestyle.

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18. This might be the strangest looking vegetable I've ever seen.

Reddit | Norm1190

This is an extremely large, very green, and oddly shaped zucchini. It looks more like a snake than one of my favorite vegetables.

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19. This kid hangs around the subway offering emotional advice instead of selling lemonade.

Reddit | EnterJackFrost

I'm sure there's plenty of people who could utilize emotional advice for just $2.00. I'd even argue this kid probably has his life together more than most adults in New York City, too.

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20. Australia gets so hot that this little wax Buddha melted and slouched over over while mediating.

Reddit | slowend

If the heat stays, pretty soon he'll be nothing Buddha big puddle of white wax.

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21. Even though many grocery stores are open 24/7, alcohol can't be sold at night.

Reddit | russian-potatoes

My grocery store just covers the shelves with a tarp and some rope, but this might be the better option

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22. The stairs to the basement were too steep and slippery for his dog, so the owner built little stairs for him.

Reddit | potato-face-129

My dog loves stairs, so this would be ultimate play time for her. So Cute!

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What do you think? Are these super neat, or totally lame? 

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