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23 Simple Hacks To Give Your Life An Instant Upgrade

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Hack are great and all, but some of them are actually pretty time-consuming. Sometimes, all we need is a little help for some instant results. And it better be easy and cheap to do, too!

Because what is the point of a hack if it's uber complicated and kind of expensive? Then it's not a hack. Here are some simple AF hacks that'll definitely take your life to the next level.

1. Isn't it everyone's mission in life to come up with the best way to reheat pizza?!

Twitter | @romemcelroy

Well, my friends, this might be it. The crust will stay crispy, and the cheese will stay melty. It's definitely a win-win!

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2. What do you do with your keys when you've gone out for a run?

Twitter | _2fab2care

I'm not about to leave my door unlocked to get a little workout in. Instead, just loop your key around your bra strap!

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3. It's the dream to have perfectly white sneakers at all times!

Twitter | @jingsyyy

I've seen this going around Twitter and the hack apparently works! Micellar water is the key to clean kicks!

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4. If this hack actually works, it's a lifesaver!

Twitter | @lucybrown89

I never have change on me. I usually spend it all on candy bars at the checkout...oops! But I always have keys on me. Genius!

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5. The fact that a Gatorade mouthpiece fits on a jug of chocolate milk cannot be a coincidence.

Twitter | @EpicMealTime

It's almost as though the makers of the chocolate milk knew exactly what they were doing...

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6. This is a hack I need in my life because I basically own two makeup brushes.

Twitter | @GlowKit

I'm told that in order to put highlighter on properly, I'm supposed to use one of those fan thingys. I'm still dabbing it on with toilet paper, so maybe I should give this a shot instead.

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7. If I were to go to prom again, I would definitely give this hack a try!

Twitter | @thequeencarrieu

Actually, I'd do it for any fancy event! It's genius because it's my little secret, no one needs to know I'm wearing leggings with pockets under my dress!

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8. Make your own coffee scrub for exfoliating your skin!

Twitter | @Haley_Sternber

It doesn't take much to turn your old coffee grounds into the perfect coffee scrub! Just some oil, grounds, sugar, and a few other ingredients, and your skin will be flawless!

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9. I never understand how people with super long nails get anything done.

Twitter | @knoxy_

But, apparently they have a few tricks up their sleeve, like adding sticky putty to the ends of their nails to use the keyboard! Perfect for when you're just tryin' to live life!

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10. It's too bad winter is over, this is genius!

Twitter | @misterbrilliant

Why spend money on those fancy AF touchscreen gloves when you can just cut a hole in an old pair? It might seem a bit silly, but it'll totally work!

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11. If you and a pal both own trucks, why even bother with a real tent?

LOL Pics | LOL Pics

Seriously, this hack actually looks cozy AF and I'd be down to camp in here! Just make sure you don't leave the car on (that's no bueno!) and ensure proper ventilation!

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12. This hack is new to me, but I'm here for it!

Twitter | @FabulousFeder

These balloons are going to save me so much time! I'm constantly picking up clothes from the bottom of my closet after they've fallen off the hanger.

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13. Bobby pins are actually useful for many different tasks.

Reddit | tobeconfused

Using one as a chip clip is just one of them! I have to hand it to them though, this is pretty smart!

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14. I can only imagine that peeing in a massive poufy wedding dress would be difficult.

Reddit | see2keroppi

This bride used one of those massive Ikea bags to help her out on her big day!

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15. Okay, so this might seem kind of silly.

Reddit | peeingattention

BUT, would you rather be kind of silly, or have broken sunglasses? If you're in a pinch, this works absolutely perfectly.

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16. When you are moving, this hack is totally genius.

Reddit | randomusefulbits

I've used it several times. It's super easy to move them from your old closet to your new one!

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17. Does your dog totally hate baths and showers?

Giphy | Giphy

This might be the most genius hack I've ever seen! Distract your pup with a wall of peanut butter during their next bath time.

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18. Next time you're sick, you're going to want to give this one a try!

Reddit | Redwards2

I haven't tried it myself, but VapoRub is pretty much attached to my hip when I'm sick, so I'll definitely be trying it next time!

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19. I found a carabiner the other day and told my boyfriend about this hack!

Reddit | randomusefulbits

I'm actually more concerned about someone who has 50 pounds of groceries to bring up!

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20. Use pool noodles to protect toes and fingers from the springs on a trampoline.

Reddit | Asho777

When I was a kid I was always terrified of getting my skin stuck in one of those unforgiving springs. This is brilliant!

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21. Okay, so this hack might only be for those who are obsessed with beauty products, but isn't it super satisfying?

I Was Taken By Surprise | I Was Taken By Surprise

You'll never swatch your makeup the same way again after you give this a shot!

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22. This hack as been roaming around online for some time, and with good reason!

Twitter | @Canceric

Safety first, amirite? You definitely shouldn't be eating while driving, but you also don't want to eat cold food, right? Turn the seat warmer up and keep that McMeal warm!

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23. If you want to make your home smell fresh AF, why not give this hack a try?

Twitter | @TheRickyManning

With everyone using dryer balls and fabric softener, who uses these in the dryer anymore anyway? Maybe put them on your fan instead!

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So, are you ready to give your life an instant upgrade?

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COMMENT to let us know which of these hacks you can't wait to try, and which ones you'd pass on! Don't forget to SHARE with your friends!

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