7+ Pics In Desperate Need Of A Closer Look

Emily McWilliams 13 Dec 2018

Life can be confusing, and if you weren’t already struggling to hold onto to your grasp of reality then these photos won’t help you.

Some of them are funny, some of them are creepy, but all of them are really weird.

You’ll need to take a close, second look to determine what exactly is going down in these strange, strange pics.

Bubble dog

Reddit | Mr_UnkindnessFrisbee

I actually love this one. How cool would it be to have a mini dog that could fit in a bubble? Or a giant bubble for your dog to float around in? Bubbles and dogs just go together.

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A nosy cat

Reddit | Phedericus

This pic actually made me LOL. This cat looks pretty distinguished with his new nose, wouldn’t you say? Now I need to find one of these cups to recreate this photo with my cats.

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Tiny T-Rex arms


I had to stare at this one for a good minute before I realized what was going on. Once you realize that those arms belong to the baby the photo becomes a lot funnier.

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A magic carpet ride

Reddit | tronx69

For a second, I was sure that this was a still from that new Aladdin remake, but sadly, it is just a well-placed shadow that made its way into the shot. It had me believing in magic carpets for a second.

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Ghost ship

Reddit | etymologynerd

This one is so cool! It’s amazing how some fog and a bit of perspective can make it look like a ghost ship is emerging from the ocean.

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This man-child

Reddit | jaykirsch

This pic is kind of funny and kind of creepy. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots that could only happen thanks to perfect timing.

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Is it a bird or a cat?

Reddit | ElGatoCheshire

I totally thought this was a photo of a crow at first. Then I saw the second eye. And the whiskers. Piece by piece I put this sneaky kitty together.

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Love’s true kiss

Reddit | BunnyAdorbs

Okay, not to be mean, but because of the lighting, I thought this woman had a very long nose. But nope! Just two people sharing a smooch and being in love.

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Tiny arms or a huge cat?

Reddit | punkminkis

It took me a while to realize that her sweater had white stripes on the arm. It crushed my dreams of seeing the world’s fluffiest cat being cradled by a woman with tiny arms.

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Reddit | captainmagictrousers

I definitely thought that this giraffe was some sort of monster getting ready to take a chunk out of that plane. I would pay good money to see a movie called Giraffe-zilla by the way.

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Behold, the mythical Deer-Cat!

Reddit | Mandorism

A creature more magical has never existed. The mythical Deer-Cat is both rare and majestic. Oh, wait... that cat is just in front of a pillow. Darn.

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The vanishing car.

Reddit | Vatramint

For a second, I was really excited because I thought I was looking at the world’s first invisible car. Sadly it is just a bumper left in the road after an accident.

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A cat on the rampage.

Reddit | daria_arbuz

If a giant cat started wrecking my neighborhood, I don’t even think I would be mad. How can you be upset or angry at something so cute? All he needs is a giant ball of yarn.

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Just a cat with teeny-tiny arms.

Reddit | primos235

Don’t you just want to pick him up and snuggle him? Or give him a wee high-five? Unfortunately, this cat doesn’t have arms — that is just a sock draped on his back.

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The dog with two bodies.

Reddit | A-Manual

Again, I really had to study this photo to see what the heck was going on. The timing of this shot couldn’t have been more perfect. The dogs’ heads overlapped in exactly the right spot.

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This child with a weirdly long arm.

Reddit | basshead541

At first glance, I thought this a shot of the Slenderman film. It looks super creepy until you realize that the arm belongs to another kid hiding under the table.

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