It Looks Like Robert Pattinson Could Be Set To Play The Next Batman

Avery Gillis 6 Feb 2019

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Pat man.

There have a been a lot of really great Batman actors over the years, and maybe some that are not-so-great.

If Robert Pattinson took on the role, how do you think he'd do?

We've been blessed with some pretty iconic Batmans over the years.


Obviously, everyone knows that Christian Bale completely owned the role, and is well deserving of the high praise he received.

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Unless you're my co-worker, who thinks that Christian was the WORST Batman yet??


I've blocked her name out for privacy reasons because I know that this is a highly controversial statement, but I have to respect her for being so bold and outlandish.

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Anyway, obviously the worst Batman thus far is George Clooney.


Even HE knows that his take on the role was far below average.

You live and learn, I guess. He managed to dust himself off.

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Apparently, there could be a new Batman and I'm dying to know where he would fall on this list.


Twilight star, Robert Pattinson is rumored to be up for the part.

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This rumor comes from the artist Bosslogic, who created a pretty iconic movie poster.

"Been hearing some background chatter about Robert Pattinson being looked at, if the talks (source) are true then all of our predictions were wrong," he wrote.

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Honestly, if you forget about the "Twilight" days, Robert wouldn't be that terrible of a choice.

Getty Images | Stephane Cardinale - Corbis

He can be dark and broody, which I think would make for the perfect Batman.

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Of course, Robert would have some stiff competition.


Other big names like Jon Hamm and Armie Hammer have been tossed around.

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Are the rumors true?


You never know in Hollywood, but we're definitely keeping our ears open for any more buzz about it.

What do you think of this potential casting choice?

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